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High Society Magazine-Sex That's Not For the Faint of Heart

Dec 17, 2009
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Pros:Hardcore Sex, Hot Women, Lesbians, Exotic, No Holds Barred


The Bottom Line: Hot sex that's unfiltered is the name of the game, and High Society delivers on every count.

There are plenty of porno mags out there, but none of them is explicit as High Society. With the exception of the occasional Hustler Extreme XXX, no other publication delivers jaw dropping sex scenes, that will give you a chubby like this one. If you are into hardcore porn, and aren't ashamed to say you are a w*nker, take a serious look at High Society.Each issue is filled with plenty of variations on sexual activity, and I first want to thank them for their beautiful collection of lesbians. Perhaps they were imported from the Island of Lesbos, because the ladies featured in these scenes are both exotic and stacked in all of the right places. There are three layouts dedicated to lucious lesbians in each issue that I've seen, and I want to say "thank you" to the folks behind the publication of this.

One particular lesbian action set that I like, and it is featured often, is a "MILF" with a 18 or 19 year old young lady. This is such a serious turn on, and I keep thinking, "Why couldn't I be that lucky pizza man that gets to walk in on this?" Each of the lesbian layouts is about three to four pages in length, with one of the pages in "montage format", so you get to see several shots. There are some interracial pairings, which are always appreciated, and unlike some other magazines its not always just blondes. I'm all about blondes, but I like a bit of variety, and its not unusual to see numerous combinations of women going at it on these pages.

Each issue has three solo women featured, and they are ridiculously hot. Some of the ladies have that "next door neighbor" appearance to them, while others look like they could be runway models. Its amazing how beautiful they are, and a lot of these solo shots are very revealing. Unlike old fashioned Playboy, you can see all of the equipment here, and in close proximity. There's plenty of vertical smiles to go around, and some of these solo shots involve toys. These toys are put everywhere you can speak of, and in others that aren't, and they provide a fantastic visual to get your body temperature raised instantly, along with something else.

There's usually a sex scene between a man and a woman, or one man and two women. What a lucky bastard! These pictures do reinforce that I'm hung like a toddler, but they are pretty hot. There's traditional sex, with a lot of missionary, doggie style, and cowgirl positioning. If you like blow jobs and cun*ilingus, there's a lot of that as well. And unlike a lot of other adult oriented magazines, you can expect to see some serious backdoor action here. Usually there's at least one pictorial dedicated to that, along with the ladies who enjoy putting what appears to be a moose unit up there.

One of my favorite parts, and that always makes me laugh, is the "machine section." Yes, that's right, these ladies ride various contraptions, or insert what appears to be a nuclear sized kielbasa in their "flowers." I just roar with laughter with this, as one of the machines is attached to an electrical outlet, has a penis the size of an elephant, and apparently can run at speeds of 350 rpms. I don't know how these ladies can do it, and while they look pleasured on the pictures, I seriously wonder if they have trouble walking around for a couple of days afterwards. This is a funny picture set, and provides a bit of levity to the hardcore action.

There are reviews of adult movies, with quite a few free pictures to view. This is a fine way of learning about what's out on the market, and what you may be able to buy to spicen up your bedroom activities. In addition to reading about these cinematic productions, you can learn something new each month. They have one article dedicated to what always appears to be criminal activity, so this could count as extra credit for your Criminal Justice classes. I liked the recent editions look at the Mafia killings that have taken place over the past one hundred years. It was a condensed history of all of the brutality, and while the writing won't win any Pulitzer prizes for journalism, it was interesting enough to read in its entirety.

Each issue is about 150 pages in length, so you can expect a couple of hours of "reading material". Actually its more visual material, as High Society is pretty much devoted to pictures of hardcore sexual activity. That is a good thing, and I like how they don't try to cheat you out of entertainment in favor of lighter fare. There is a fair amount of the usual advertisements, for phone sex lines and horny based personals. One of my favorite ads cracks me up, as its a "Make your own Cock" molding kit. Gosh, if mine went on the market, there would be a lot of returns.

High Society
deserves a lot of credit for its brass balls. They deliver a product that doesn't apologize to those who love everything about sex, and you can learn a lot of new positions and techniques from each issue.  The cover price of $12.00 is a bit expensive, but you can get a subscription for around $50.00 a year, that makes it a fine value. Yes, some may consider this tasteless, but as a fan of sex I think its a fine way to brighten up your day. Also, a lot of the issues come with a free DVD of adult movies. That's another thing to like, and these productions are above average. Give High Society a try, and see why they are the "King of Swing"

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