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Mega Man Anniversary Collection (Nintendo GameCube, 2004)

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Super Fighting Robot...

Jun 18, 2005 (Updated Jun 21, 2005)
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Pros:Good game, with fantastic extras.

Cons:Some parts can be derivative

The Bottom Line: Worth the price. If you are a small fan or big fan of Mega Man, this is well up your alley.

The year was 1987. The Nintendo/Fanicom was released. Many successful games had came out, including Donkey Kong, Mario, Metroid, and soon to considered the greatest game ever, The Legend Of Zelda.

Needless to say, there were many companies that were struggling to make the next big thing, a character that was original, that would create a fanbase. Capcom would get that creation in 1987 from Kenji Inafune, a designer at the then small game company. Although Inafune had moderate, later to be superb success being a illustrator for Street Fighter, he would be most known for designing Mega Man, or Rockman in Japan. The story, and popularity of Mega Man would only continue to grow over the years, but to this day, Mega Man I is considered a classic.

To celebrate the 15th anneversiry of the Mega Man saga, a collection would be released in 2004, called, appropariatly, Mega Man Anneversiry Collection :). For fans like me, wanting to get to save progress and not remember all of those complicated passwords, this was a dream come true.

MEGA MAN (1987)

This is where the fun really starts. The story would be told to greater detail and the past revealed in Mega Man IV, but for now, all we knew was 6 robots were reprogrammed to do evil deeds to help Dr. Wily rule the world. It is up to you to go to Megalopolis and Stop the 6.

The game, although short (beat it in under 2 hours), is long considered a classic, a classic which I enjoy. The 6 robots (and all future ones) would have "man" behind them.
You would have to face Bomb Man, Guts Man, Cut Man, Elec Man, Ice Man, and Fire Man, in any order, to stop them. Mega Man would be a example of "rock, paper, scissors" or a way to use other robots weapons against your other bosses. After the 6 were stopped, Dr. Wily was next in line. Defeat him, and the game is over. In the credits, you get glimpses of Mega Man's true form, later called Rock, not to mention his "sister" roll, and Dr. Light, all unknown at the conclusion.

Out of all of the attacks, my favorite has to be the Rolling Cutter from Cut Man. You could roll it like a boomerang, and hit your opponents multiple times. You can unlock the credits by beating the game.


We are now a little in the future. Mega Man stopped Wily before, but he's back for revenge, and you're up against not one, not two, but eight more robots. Flash Man, Quick Man, Bubble Man, Metal Man, Wood Man, Heat Man, Air Man, and Clash Man are your obstacles. The game would introduce three items for your availability to help in the fight against evil. The items are a series of "stepping blocks", a jet, essential in Heat Man's stage, and a "coil" like weapon.

The eight attacks all have their special use, and all will be needed, but of all of the attacks in the game, I believe my favorite is the Atomic Fire. While not as spectacular as Heat Man charging toward you in a fireball, you can charge the attack to defeat a wide row of enemies in one attack, including Wood Man. The unlockable secret: Wily's Revenge Song, and Homase to Mega Man, not to mention a Picture Set!


Dr. Light and Dr. Wily partners? That is the main plot in Mega Man 3, as you have to get crystals to get Gamma, a master robot working. You'd be up against 8 more tyrants of power. Snake Man, Gemini Man, who had double the trouble, Needle Man, Spark Man, Magnet Man, Hard Man, Top Man, and Shadow Man. You'd also be up against a robot who could duplicate the 8 villians from Mega Man 2's power! In addition, every couple stages, a mysterious robot, later to be revealed as your brother Proto Man, would fight you! This is my personal favorite, as the music is more advanced, the stages are more clever, and we are introduced to Rush, a robotic dog.

Rush shows to be a robot's best friend as he has a Coil, Jet, and Marine function. The eight powers are incredible, but of them all, the Shadow Blade is a favorite.

The game unlockables are my favorite in this game as well.
You'll get The Power Battle, a arcade game. You'll also get The Power Fighters, another arcade game, in which you can play Mega Man, Bass, and/or Proto Man to help fight against evil! To finish off the extras, you can get Megaman Drum & Bass, another music piece!


For anyone wondering all about Mega Man's origins, don't skip past the introduction. It shows Rock, and how he wanted to fight for justice. He would be changed to Mega Man, and the rest is history.

A year following the destruction of Gamma, a new villian would arrive. His name, Dr. Cossack. Although a hidden agenda awaited, Dr. Cossack wanted Mega Man dead and he would send 8 robots to stop him; Toad Man, Bright Man, Pharoah Man, Ring Man, Dust Man, Skull Man, Dive Man, and Drill Man. The 8 would spell trouble for Mega Man, but for some help, you get The Balloon and Wire aids, not to mention the ability to go back to stages. Also, an incredible Castle of Cossack and Wily.

Besides the return of Rush and his abilities, you'd get the Balloon, which is a return of sorts to the first item, the Wire, a return to Item 3, and the charge shot, a essential ability in this and every game since.

Your extras: A Pic Set, mostly of early sketches, and a Protoman song.


It is starting now, that the creating talents start to get a little dry. We add mystery to the character who helped save Cossack's Daughter, Proto Man. He's now evil, as Mega Man has found his cape in the lab where Dr. Light was kidnapped. You face eight additional robots who are helping Proto Man; Stone Man, Gravity Man, Star Man, Wave Man, Gyro Man, Crystal Man, Charge Man, and Napalm Man.

Key problems with the game include: Star Man's force shield, a obvious replica of Wood Man's Leaf Shield. Gravity Man possesses some weak design, and his attack is useless except for against Gyro Man. Charge Man is basically a train! Gyro Man's blade, which can be controlled to an extent is incredible, not to mention Beat, who comes to your aid after you spell the letters M E G A M A N V, found throughout the eight levels. Of course, just like Mega Man IV for Cossack, Proto Man is framed by Wily.
You have to rescue Dr. Light by going through 4 additional stages.

You'll get a super Charge Shot, a weapon Cossack would create. Oddly enough, there are no extras to be downloaded by beating this game.


This was the final Nintendo Mega Man game. In this game, a World Robot Tournament is held to determine the greatest robot. It is held by Mr. X (You KNOW who that is) He commands the robots to conquer the world. It's up to you to defeat 8 more robots; Blizzard Man, Centaur Man, Flame Man, Knight Man, Plant Man, Tomahawk Man, Wind Man, and Yamato Man. Two of these, Knight Man and Wind Man, would be designed by Americans for a Nintendo Power contest. You have to stop the eight.

The problems are similiar to Mega Man V, as in mostly pathetic designs, like Tomahawk Man, and Blizzard Man.
You could also only use Centaur Mans ability effectively against Wind Man. Wily's stages were almost too easy with your new powers, The Power Adaptor, and The Jet Adaptor. Although you had to find the new locations, BEAT wasn't too hard to locate either. The ending leaves little to be desired, for you know a sequel is inevitable.

Despite a mostly unoriginal variety of bosses, your Power Adaptor/Jet would replace the Rush Jet/Coil, and get you that boost of power. Although not difficult to find, you'd get the Energy Equalizer, a weapon that when you find energy capsules, would increase the weapons that you had, without you having to select the weapon that you wanted additional power to.

Your extra: A Plant Man song.


The first game released for Super Nintendo. 7 Would turn out to be a lucky number. New graphics, characters would almost turn the situation around. Six months have passed since Wily was captured. He made safety locks to be released on four robots provided the day would approach. You start freeing the city, then meet another robot called Bass, and his dog, Treble. The group is questionable, but you can't help but trust them. This game would feature 8 robots, but 4 at first; Burst Man, Cloud Man, Junk Man, and Freeze Man. You could get a super adaptor addition, and increase the width of its firing arm. Later, you'd get 4 additional robots to face; Slash Man, Spring Man (possibly one of the worst designs ever), Shade Man (a Vampire), and Turbo Man, a transforming car. You'd later face Wily, blah, blah, blah, but still a promising return to the series.

You'd earn several extras by beating the game, including a Jungle Remix Song, Megaman 2: The Power Battle, and A Radio Cut Song. You could also get Proto Man's shield by facing him and finding him three times, which is not overly difficult to find. You could use Rush not just for a jet, not just for a coil, but for a seeker. Yes, if you use the Rush Search, Rush would dig in the ground and find items. Most were worthless, but some were cool.

In addition, you'd also get bolts that you could spend to get certain prizes.


The first game of the Mega Man series to be released for the Playstation, and Sega Saturn. In this episode, which has several incredible Anime Sequences, a new hero drops (literally) to earth. Duo is his name. He comes from space to stop a new plasma substance, a substance of poison and evil. You have to help by destroying the base of Wily, and his 8 more robots; Tengu Man, Clown Man, Grenade Man, Frost Man, Aqua Man, Sword Man, Search Man, and Astro Man, each greatly increased in originality and design. Well worth the time.

The extras are worth your while as well. You'd earn a Anime episode! A final pic set is included as well.


This was a arcade game, where you can play as either Proto Man, Mega Man, or Bass, and are up against a lot of former foes. No big deal.


Same stuff as the above, more or less, that can only be unlocked by beating other Mega Man games.


There are a LOT of unlockable extras, and only by beating all the games, but V, you can unlock them. Whether it's a Anime Episode, Music remixes, or Picture Sets. The extras make the game, or should we say 10 even sweeter.


The game is consisted of 10 games, and has over 15 secrets. What more could you ask. I've seen copies at only $30 dollars, and for 10 games, 3 dollars a game is not bad. With the extras this game gets a 10/10. Well worth a trip back to memory lane!

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Released in time to celebrate the platform-jumping hero's 15th year in video games, Mega Man Anniversary Collection offers emulations of ten complete ...
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Released in time to celebrate the platform-jumping hero's 15th year in video games, Mega Man Anniversary Collection offers emulations of ten complete ...
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