Best piece of machinery I've bought since forever.

Sep 24, 2006
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Pros:HIGH quality unlike any other dishwasher. Comparably priced to other "high-end" units.

Cons:Didn't need the integral water softener. Patience required during installation.

The Bottom Line: But it if you can afford it. If I have to buy a German product to get the quality I want, I will do so. Are you listening American manufacturers?

This is a long overdue review. I was a loyal Kitchenaid customer until they cheapened their products to the point where they are indistinguishable from common brands. I WANT QUALITY. Tried the Miele thanks to reviews from this site. It is incredibly quiet. (Just a slight swishing sound, even right next to it.) The dishes come clean. Paid a hundred dollars more for the silverware rack above the glasses rack, and recommend it. Total cost was about $1100 dollars, and you can spend that much on lesser machines.

I installed it myself which isn't recommended by the company as it is a bit more complicated than you'd expect. But I got it done. We've had it for almost 2 trouble-free years now, so I have forgotten the particulars that made it a fussy install. I would say just allow 2 hours more than you would think for an installation, and maybe have to get $20 worth of parts from the hardware store.

Entirely stainless-steel inside is nice. Even the outside is completely encased so you don't have soft insulation flapping around during the install. The sides are extremely thin, which leaves more space for dishes. Yet - it is quiet. We didn't really need the built-in water softener, but you might.

The dealerships aren't allowed to discount these, BUT some of the warehouse stores offer free shipping which amounts to a left-handed discount. I bought it sight-unseen due to the reviews here, and recommend you do the same. Your credit-card payment offers you some negotiation leverage if you should need it. But our experience was flawless.

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