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Mintek DVD-1600 DVD Player

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Dec 23, 2003 (Updated May 10, 2004)
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Cons:No front display panel, No Eject on Remote

The Bottom Line: Wish you could burn any format on your PC and be able to play it back on your home DVD Player? Well you can now!

In this updated full review I'll be covering Mintek DVD 1600 Player for the Home Entertainment System.

I personally own 3 of them and use Mintek DVD 1600 daily, because it’s my number one DVD player, why because anything you burn on your PC this DVD player will play it whether it's, CD Audio, MP3, VCD, SVCD, KVCD, SKVCD, MVCD, MiniDVD, MPEG 1 RAW, MPEG 2 RAW, Kodak Picture CD, your own pictures from JPEG images or digital camera dumps from a PC to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD -R, DVD -RW this player will display them.

Smart Tip: Newer models don't say they can play SVCD nor any of the formats I've mention. But it does play them all!

Even overburn CD-R and CD-RW pass 80 minutes up to 99.99+
mins max and over speed CD-R 48X to 52X using Nero burning Rom software and Memorex CD-RW also reviewed on Epinions.

My personal thoughts about Mintek DVD 1600, well where should I start, after using these 3 players for over 6 months now I am so happy with them! Not only can they play all of the above formats, but the player sounds so good even in regular stereo using RCA left and right cords.

Smart Tip: Better yet if you move up to digital coaxial the sound gets ever better when you are using multi-channel Dolby Digital or DTS stereo receiver. As for video output the S-Video is the best way to go, using S-Video cables, I use Monster for s-video and Monster digital coaxial cables. Monster cables are heavy shielded and thicker than the others on the market buy AR Acoustic Research are not far behind also a good choice.

1 – Mintek DVD 1600 Player
1 – RC-320H Large Remote Control with 49 buttons
1 – Pair of Hi-Power Batteries AAA
1 – 3 feet Video Cable color coded yellow for video
1 – Pair 6 feet Audio Cable color coded white for left and red for right
1 – Detachable power cord
1 – Full 34 Page Manual describes everything you ever wanted to know in detail

Jog Dial Knob (Fast Rew / Fast Forward) on front panel
Lasers: Dual
Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz (better)
Signal Noise Ratio: 85db
Coaxial Digital Out: Yes
Optical Digital Out: No
RF Socket: Yes
S-Video: Yes
Analog Audio: Yes
Digital Audio: Yes
DTS Playback: Yes
Dolby Digital Playback: Yes
CDA: Yes
CD-R: Yes
CD-RW: Yes
CD G: Yes
VCD: Yes
DVD-R: Yes
DVD R: Yes
MiniDVD: Yes

PBC (Playback Controls) for VCD 2.0, KVCD
H.Clarity 250

PBC(Playback Controls) for SVCD, SKVCD
H.Clarity 350

Displays total time of your movie in minutes and seconds

Smart Tip: KVCD(Kwag Video Compact Disc)is a new format it allows DVD movies to fit on one CD-R 80 minute media. SKVCD is the same as SVCD Super Video CD, but KVCD is much better compressing the video than VCD and SKVCD is just the same as SVCD but that too compresses the Video leaving you with less micro blocks that often show up in VCD movies. Also garbage in will results to garbage out, so the better the original is the better the output to VCD or KVCD is. There are programs on the market that will help you create VCD, like Nero Burning Rom.

Update Smart Tip: MVCD(Mole Video Compact Disc)will also play in this player just like the KVCD format above.

Update Smart Tip: Overburning can be max out on CD-R 80 mins now to 99.99+ minutes instead of 82.59 using Nero and the Memorex Ultra CD-Writer 52x 24x 52x or 52x 32x 52x newer model.

Update Note: Now what I've notice that the CD-R 80 with KVCD media playback will go right pass 99.99+ and just read 99.01 up to 99.99 and recycle the count until the KVCD media is finished playing on this player.

This player is very easy to use and does offer a lot more than the others DVD players on the market, excellent brilliant color picture with DVD movie, very good VCD, SVCD, KVCD and SKVCD playback, but that depends on the quality of the original video, otherwise you’ll have fun with this player. The remote not only has all the features but it’s also easy to use.

Volume Control
Pitch Control
Time Search
OSD (displays Video Mode, Track, Audio, Repeat, Disc Direction, Time)
Angle View
Zoom (2X, 3X, 4X, , 1/3, )
Play Mode (Shuffle, Random and Program Track)
Digest (Disc Interval of all tracks with audio)
Audio Mode (Stereo, Mono Left, Mono Right, Mono Mixed)
Slow (1/2, , 1/8, 1/16)
FF (2X, 4X, 8X, 16X, 32X)
RR(2X, 4X, 8X, 16X, 32X)
Remain (time)
Dimmer (doesn’t function on this model doesn’t has front panel)
No Eject (only on the unit)
Full Menu
Setup (General Setup, Audio Setup, Password Setup, Preferences)

TV Display (Wide 16x9, Normal /LB, Normal / PB)
Captions: On and Off
Screen Saver: On and Off
Menu Style: type 1 or type 2

Speaker Setup: Downmix (LT/RT/Stereo
Channel Equalizer: DSP (Rock, Pop, Live, Dance, Techno, Classic, Soft)
Dolby Digital Setup:
(Stereo, Mono Left, Mono Right, Mono Mixed)
D.R.C Dynamic Range Compression (off 2/8, 4/8, 6/8, full)
Super Equalizer: (Bass Boost, Supper Bass, Clear Bass

Sharpness: High Medium Low
Brightness: -16, 0, 16
Contrast: -16, 0, 16

As you can see this play has a lot of cool features, where you can make any adjustment you would like.

Smart Tip: Video playback to dark on your movie, you can adjust the Brightness as high as 16. Need more bass you have 3 choices for that also, need to add additional sound effects use the DSP built in.

Think of this player as a very small PC, because it sure acts like one!

The only thing missing is a front panel display; this player is all onscreen information. It looks basic, but it’s not, more like a professional DVD player but with a basic price tag. Even though I have other DVD players from other manufactures the others can’t play VCD, SVCD, KVCD or SKVCD correctly with out skipping on the sound or jiggling the video.

Sometimes I run into problems with MPEG 1 video when creating VCD but that’s on the PC side so what I do is just drag the MPG file and create CD ISO or CD RAW and burn that at 52X using the Memorex Ultra CD-Rewritable burner also reviewed on Epinions.

Most VCD should be burn at 8X which I would do if I was doing a full VCD instead of a simple MPEG to a data file burn at 52X.

When you do this method the Mintek will open up as a file folder and you just select the Mpeg file to be viewed.

Updated Smart Tip:
Mintek will playback both VCD (MPEG1 and SVCD(MPEG2) on DVD-ISO(DVD+R)- Tested on Maxell DVD+R burnt using Nero Ultra 6.x

The Mintek DVD 1600 has no problem with these formats and also can play MP3 audio with long file names. When you’re in MP3 audio mode you would get a folder type of display just like you see in Microsoft Windows to access your songs.

I’ve created my own digital movie show from when I had visted the Grand Canyon 2003 and I had also shot over 156 digital jpeg images using Olympus D-510 Zoom (which I had also reviewed here on Epinions) and created a photo CD-R using Nero. This player not only shown the images in the original sharp color, but the Mintek has shown the images in a slideshow with a fade in fade out mode. Not bad!

Tested Blank Media:

80 min 52x: Verbatim
80 min 48x: SONY, Maxell, Memorex, Imation, Nashua

80 min 24x: Memorex
74 min 4x: Smart and Friendly

4.7GB: Memorex, SONY, Maxell

4.7GB: Memorex

4.7GB: Maxell, Memorex, SONY

4.7GB: Memorex

Last Reviewed on 05 10 04, 10:52PM EST

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 39.00

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