Multi-Tech MultiModemZDX MT5656ZDX-V (MT5656ZDX-V) 56 Kbps Modem Reviews
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Multi-Tech MultiModemZDX MT5656ZDX-V (MT5656ZDX-V) 56 Kbps Modem

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MultiTech Voice/Data/Fax Modem with US Caller ID

Aug 6, 2011
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Pros:The MultiTech MT 5656ZDX-V V.92 modem is power packed with great features and new technology.

Cons:The MT5656ZDX-V  6 LED display has tiny lettering and is hard to read.

The Bottom Line: The MultiTech MT5656ZDX-V Data/Fax/Voice modem:

External, Serial Port Connection
Speaker & Mic 3.5 Jacks
New V.92 Communication Standards
U.S. Caller ID!
Works GREAT!

Previously I owned an external, serial or USB, US Robotics Voice Modem #5605 with upgradable Firmware.  After several operating systems later, with my upgrade to Windows 7 64-bit operating system, the device began to make my computer to crash suddenly, and then reboot...especially when the computer was coming out of "sleep" mode.  Since they only offered only 1 firmware upgrade since the times of Windows 95, Windows 7 has left this modem in the dust since US Robotics has abandoned support for this modem.

I liked this modem because it was a voice modem with U.S. Caller ID, and I could see who was calling on the AT&T telephone land line through a pop up window that displayed the Name and Telephone number of the caller.  I could then answer the call as a fax, as a computer voice mail call, as a data link call, or I could simply take the call and answer it from my computer.

After trying out the Trendnet TFM560X, and the Zoom 3049 external modems, all I received was grief.  The blue Trendnet has no caller ID support, and the Zoom 3049 has no Windows 7 drivers.  Finally, I found the little MultiTech MT5656ZDX-V modem...and this little modem does EVERYTHING.  It is an upgrade to the new V.92 format which means faster connection times.  This modem will remember the configuration settings of your land-line, Internet Service Provider, ISP, and you will be able to dial and connect in half the time.  Additionally, data transfers are faster and it supports the latest in Fax technology where fax machines with this technology can transmit faxes at a higher and faster rate that with the older V.90 standard modems.

This modem MT5656ZDX-V, connects through a serial port on your computer.  If you have not a serial port, they do make USB to serial adapters so that you could plug this into an available USB port on your computer.

Of course Pros: First, the MT5656ZDX-V has US Caller ID. This means that I can see who is calling on the telephone while I am on the computer. Second, this modem has a jack for a monitor microphone and has a jack to output sound through a sound card or speaker. This means I can take the call while on the computer, and the caller can hear me through the monitor microphone, and I can hear them on the Speakers or SpeakerPhone. NO other modem after my exhaustive search could offer this kind of flexiblility although I do hope that some USB external or PCI internal modems do. I was looking for an external modem with a serial port.

Although this little modem is rather meak and generic looking, it is powerpacked with features that really count. It comes with Classic Phone Tools which acts as an answering machine with the option for multiple inbox's so that messages can be distributed among co-workers, if used in an office, or family members, if used as a family computer telephone answering system

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