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The current situation
by smjg
I've just taken a peek at, and all their pages seem to be written with the latest Fusion 8. And I can't make head, body or tail of how they still think they're "website pros".

Jan 20, 2005
6:26 am PST

Re: centering
by dtobias
You're right about align="center" being more cleanly logical... that's actually the way I do it. I was being overly simplistic when I referred to the <CENTER> tag in my review; I guess I should have referred to the align="CENTER" attribute, but that might have required a little denser wording on my part. Sorry.
Jun 22, 2000
4:08 pm PDT

by erik_kosberg
<p align="center">text</p>

is a better way to center than


BTW, I agree that Dreamweaver is much better than netobjects fusion.
Jun 22, 2000
2:52 pm PDT