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Texas Style Grillin' At It's Best!

Jun 22, 2000 (Updated Jun 22, 2000)
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Pros:Versatile cooking and Easy to use


My husband fancies himself as an expert in the art of barbecue and grilling. (It's a macho-man thing in Texas.) He can't boil water in the kitchen but can barbecue and grill with the best of the them.

We've owned various smokers and grills purchased from discount stores...just to out live them as we watched them slowly rust away into coppery heaps of uselessness.

He had his eye on the New Braunfels Black Diamond Smoker Grill for a few months. He opted for a charcoal burning grill with a wood smoke chamber and not a propane gas grill. It's a matter of personal preference.

As he searched for just the right one that would proudly make him King of his backyard domain, he researched and compared features with prices. Then he picked the New Braunfels Black Diamond model 4800.

After inviting a couple of his buddies over to help him assemble the smoker and a few six-packs later.....(They looked like the Three Stooges, as these men rarely read assembly instructions!)...our new grill was ready for the ultimate test. A barbecue...Texas style!


* Cooking Area: A generous 700 sq. inches
* Cooking grills: Porcelain
* Warming plate: Welded
* Storage shelves: Large lower metal-grid
storage shelf across the bottom and a hardwood
shelf across the front
* Heavy duty wheels for mobility
* Three (3) cooking methods; Smoking, barbecuing
and grilling
* Large smoke stack for adjustable smoke ventilation


* GRILL: Grill directly over the fire using charcoal direct heat;
steaks, burgers, hotdogs. This area will cook at
temperatures of 350-550 degrees.

* BARBECUE: Cooking by using indirect heat on the
offset firebox (right side of pit) where heat
circulates for cooking. This will cook at
temperatures of 200-325 degrees.

* SLOW SMOKE: Using the wood chamber and not charcoal,
this method of cooking is great for brisket, turkey,
ham, chicken and smoking and curing cheese and sausage.
Ideal temperatures are between 140-200 degrees.
Recommended wood to use is hardwoods; Hickory, Mesquite,
Oak and Pecan.

You can cook in the wood chamber using your favorite hardwood and grill directly over charcoal while slowly barbecuing...all at the same time. This is one of the best features of the New Braunfels Black Diamond. We entertain a large number of friends and require all the various goodies from brisket to hotdogs!


This grill is a breeze to clean by removing the grill racks for cleaning and using a detergent and water solution and scrub brush for the inside if desired.


* One (1) year for parts and/or workmanship
* Five (5) years for burn-out and rust-through

New Braunfels Black Diamond model 4800 comes with easy to understand assembly instructions, warranty registration, an accessories catalog to purchase a lot of great accessories to compliment your grilling experience and a "Smokin' & Cookin'" Texas Style tips and recipe guide.

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