Old Smuggler Scotch

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Old Smuggler Scotch: Not Bad, Not Bad At All.

Oct 3, 2008 (Updated Oct 3, 2008)
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Very smooth. Inexpensive


Not ovely flavourful Lacks basic smokey notes. Just a tad grainy

The Bottom Line:

Old Smuggler Blended Scotch Whisky is perfect fro blending mt <i>Sweet Rob Roy</i> Neat it's smooth but lacking flavour. That said, I still recommend it.

I was given a one liter bottle of Old Smuggler Scotch recently. One reason was because my son wanted to give a little something for me. If he purchased a bottle of rum, tequilla, or other such Caribbean based alcohol I would have to share it with my wife. My son can be thoughtful in that way. Thanks.

A Bit Of Background

Old Smuggler has been around since 1835. That means it's getting close to 200 years old. WOW! It's a blended whisky. I read it holds a number 8 spot in sales in the US but is number 2 in Argentina. I wonder if that is why and where he, mt son, was first introduced to this Scotch. His wife is an Argentinan and he has traveled there and from tales told enjoyed many a party while visiting. I can see Old Smuggler fitting right in. The taste is fine and the price is right.

Now this is far from being considered a fine Blended Scotch Whisky but it suits me well. Perhaps I don't have the expertise of noting the nuances between many Scotch producers but like the uneducated looking at art, "I may not know much about it but I know what I like."

A First Experience

When my son presented it to me I immediately opened it and we had a shot or two each. It pours a pale golden yellow colour, not too rich. The nose is pleasant but certainly not strong. I had to almost deep breath to get the aroma. I was amazed by the smooth velvety feel over the tongue, quite pleasant indeed. Again there isn't a whole lot of flavour. A bit of smokiness comes through but not much more. That was all having it neat. A bit later a spashed in a bit of water. While with most Scotch whisky that enhances the flavour by releasing undetones, the water in this case just seemed to dilute the whisky.

Perfect For My Favorite Sweet Rob Roy

I happen to enjoy Scotch like a brandy sipping slowly on it over a hot winter fire. This neat will do. I can say it's also perfect for my <i>Sweet Rob Roy</i> drinks that I love and order out often. I happen to like a very very, sweet roy without much Scotch taste and having much more of the sweet vermouth taste and sweetness.

Old Smuggler is perfect for that Sweet Rob Roy. It's not expensive and not overly flavourful but is incredibly smooth. It works for me.

Last Thought

This isn't a fine Scotch or one with particularly great notes to linger on. The price also reflects that. This is one of the least expensive Scotch blends on the market. That's does't eqauite to cheap or low end though. It is smooth and pleasant tasting. It's fine for a cold winter's night neat but it is most perfect for blending with other liquiors. It makes for the perfect Sweet Rob Roy. When this one is finished I would definitely purchase another for mixing but would purchase my basic Dewar's for sipping.

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