Sansui STV2763 27" CRT Television

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Model TVD2710 - Great 27" TV

Apr 4, 2007 (Updated Apr 13, 2007)
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Pros:Great value for the money. Picture as good/better than other $300+ tv's.

Cons:None for the price.

The Bottom Line: I would recommend this budget tv because of the picture quality and price.

General information: I purchased the Orion TVD2710 model at Wal-mart and added a 2 yr. warranty for only $17.88 more. However, in the product manual it states that the manufacturers warranty is carry-in only, so in checking the terms of the extended Wal-mart warranty, the TV would then be carry-in for that portion of the warranty as well. Keeping that in mind as the TV weighs around 80lbs.

It was nice to see that the TV only draws 110 watts of electricity and to me that’s not bad for a 27” tube television. If you look at plasma and LCD TV power consumption, they can be substantially higher in their operating costs. I looked at other more expensive tube TV's at Walmart, Circuit City/Best Buy & for the price this TV has an equal to or better picture than other 27” tube TV's in the +$300 price range but for $179, I like the Orion TV. On the Wikipedia web site for Orion, it states in part that, Orion makes all of Toshiba's 23" & smaller lcd/tube TV's plus some dvd/vhs recorders as well.

Sound: It is ok, no bass/treble adjustments, and no sound modes to choose from. There is no L/R audio output to connect to a stereo or a headphone connection. There is however a digital audio out.

Picture: Is great for a standard-definition television and looked better/more menu options than the $249 Sylvania SDTV at Sam's Club. The TV has an integrated analog/ATSC/QAM tuner built in. I also have a standard definition Directv receiver attached to AV1 and it looks good as well. Plus, the DIRECTV remote will operate the Orion TV. It won't do all of the TV's option's, but it will do the volume/mute and change OTA channels. The TV has closed-caption but there's no option for closed-caption on mute and I would have liked that option. When viewing over-the-air HD channels, the picture modes choices are 4:3, 16:9 & zoom. It is more likely a personal preference but the zoom mode is helpful in eliminating the above/below picture borders when viewing 16:9 program content should you so-desire. In the zoom mode, the field-of-view angle is reduced but for most 16:9 programs, the borders are removed in this mode. Corner icons/text & crawl lines are all visible when presented on the screen in analog modes but due to the TV being a 4:3 format, some of the on-screen HD icons (station I.D.s), are not completely visible on the screen when viewing a 16:9 program, however no bid deal to me in that respect as any other on-screen text or information is viewable.

For the inputs I use, the picture controls i.e., brightness/contrast/color/sharpness values can be independently set per the input. For example, on AV1, brightness could be set at 28 and on the HD tuner input; you could have the brightness set to 30.

Tuner Information Various Features: For an SDTV, over-the-air HD channels look great & you can delete any local channels analog or digital you want to skip over. Plus it’s easy to go back into the menu and add them again if needed. If you're not aware, the ATSC tuner gives you additional local channels not available with current analog over-the-air tuners, i.e., PBS 19.1, 19.2 etc.

There is a signal strength meter for the ATSC tuner so you can see how strong the signal is on the selected over-the-air channel. You can also direct-enter a local HD channel number, i.e., 19.2. When you use the previous channel button, it will even go from for example, the AV1 input (Directv receiver), to the Antenna input and if you’ve muted either input, the TV will remain muted even when switching between those inputs.I have noticed that on analog or AV1 input that when you have muted the TV, the word “mute” remains on the screen and doesn’t go away.

When viewing OTA digital channels, the on-screen read-out information does not tell you the digital channel’s resolution, i.e., 720p or 1080i. The time it takes when switching between channels does not seem overly long and is quite acceptable for me anyway.

You can also label a local analog/digital channel i.e., add the station call letters if you'd like. The electronic program guide information for OTA HD channels is limited to the program you're watching. You can't look forward to see what's on at a later time.

Inputs-outputs: There is 1 set each of rear component, “S”-video & composite video inputs, plus a digital audio out jack, with a 2nd or AV2 composite audio/video input on the front of the TV. The rear S/composite video input shares the same L/R rca audio inputs. There is no "stand by/on" status indicator light on the front of the TV.

Quality and other thoughts: Is this a good quality TV? I can’t answer that. I hope that it is or at least that it will last for several years. We have a 13” Daewoo TV in our kitchen and its 3+ years old and still works fine (knock on Formica).

When the local channels are forced to abandon their analog broadcast signals tentatively set for February 17, 2009, you'll be ready as this TV includes the ATSC tuner. Another plus with the ATSC tuner is there is virtually no interference of the picture during a thunderstorm. On the digital tuner, I have a perfect picture long after my satellite receiver went “searching for satellite signal” during a heavy rain down-pour. It's quite amazing how clear the ATSC digital tuner picture is even during the worst weather.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 179.97

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