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A Blender For My Wife For Christmas?

Feb 19, 2004 (Updated Feb 19, 2004)
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Pros:All Metal Drive. Glass Jar. Powerful enough to crush ice.

Cons:Heavy. Noisy. A little more expensive than others. Only Two Speeds.

The Bottom Line: This blender is perfect for making smoothies, and shakes. It has a metal drive, glass jar, and is easy to use. We really love ours.

I know what everyone is thinking, this guy is the pits for buying a kitchen appliance for his wife for Christmas. To my defense, I will say that we had just finished adding a room to our house, and having some other remodeling work done. We had decided not to buy gifts for each other this year. The Sunroom and other work would be our gift, but I couldn’t let it go at that. I wanted my wife to have a gift to open. She is a very selective person when it comes to gifts. I couldn’t buy clothes, and with the recent draining of the bank account jewelry was out of the question. Being the observant husband that I am, I remembered she had just destroyed her 15th blender by making a Slim Fast shake. So off the Walmart I went to find a blender that could stand up to the master of destruction. This blender would need to be built to last, and attractive enough to sit on the counter with the rest of my wife’s array of Stainless Steel beauties. It took me about 15 minutes to get from the car, fight my way through the crowd, and find the Oster Classic Beehive 500-Watt Chrome Blender.

Looks like something from the 50’s.
This blender reminds me of the type that you see in about every 50’s movie. It has a retro look to it, and is made mostly of chrome-like metal. The jar is heavy glass, not the plastic jars that came with the last few blenders that we owned. It’s capacity is 5 cups or 1.25 liters, and it is scratch resistant, and dishwasher safe. The top is made of what appears to be rubber or a very soft plastic and has a handy pullout plug in it for adding ingredients without removing the lid. There are only two speeds on this blender, and they are continuous and pulse. The switch is a toggle type, up is full speed and down is pulse. The pulse feature is nice for chopping or light blending. The full speed feature will pulverize anything including ice. The blade is made of stainless steel, and is holding up very well so far. The blender weighs about 11 pounds, and is about 15” high and is about 7” across at the base. As mentioned in the title you get 500 watts of power from this blender and believe me that is plenty. The all metal drive system mainly consists of metal insides with a square metal rod coming out of the base. The bottom of the jar has a square hole where the rod fits into and is also made of metal. This is one of the best built blenders that I came across. Also on the bottom of the base is 4 rubber legs that help protect your countertop, and stop vibration.

How well does it fit the bill?
My wife was and is very pleased with this blender. She mainly uses it for making diet shakes with Slim Fast, and smoothies. When ice is put into this blender the crushing power is unbelievable. Within about 10 seconds there is no trace of ice fragments, and the shake looks and taste like it came from an Ice Cream Shop. We mostly freeze fruits at our house to preserve them for making smoothies; this blender does a great job of blasting through even the most frozen strawberry, banana, or other fruits. My wife also has used this blender in her baking by crushing graham crackers for pie crusts or making oatmeal flour.

The Looks
The appearance of this blender was very important in my buying decision. We have mainly stainless steel larger appliances and try to do the same with our kitchen’s smaller appliances also. The chrome look of this product matches up pretty well with the other stuff standing on our counter. Also the retro classic design of the beehive is perfect for our house, since we have a number of antiques and older furniture.

What we like.
The durability of the metal drive system and its power ice crushing ability is second to none. The looks are perfect for us. Also due to the weight of the base, there is very little chance of tip over. This stainless steel blade does a great job of chopping of crushing about anything that you can think of. The glass jar with this blender is much easier to clean, and is in my opinion 10 times better than the plastic jar that comes with other blenders.

A few complaints.
Obviously the lack of speeds is a bit of a turnoff, but we have found that the pulse feature helps with that problem. Using the toggle switch with on the pulse setting makes chopping, and light blending easy. The more times you hit the switch the more the ingredients are blended. Get your earplugs out; this blender is very, very noisy. I guess we should have expected it to make a lot of noise considering the power and crushing ability that it has. Even still it’s a fair trade off in my mind. Also this thing is heavy and you will not want to move it around much. Our blender is kept on our counter, and I really wouldn’t want to put it away after every use. Last but not least, I found the fact that while everything seems to be metal, the cradle that holds the jar onto the base is made of what seems to be plastic. The only thing that I can think of is that this is done to stop vibration but still considering that the bottom part of the jar is plastic, I would not think that it would be much of an issue.

Walmart vs Oster models.
You will notice that I did this review on the 4096-15 which I believe to be specifically made for Walmart. The 4096 model looks a lot like this blender, and seems to have the same features and design. I can not say for sure that everything is exactly the same because I do not own the 4096. I only mention this to save any confusion.

After owning what seems to be every other brand blenders over the past 20 years, I think my wife finally has one that will last. The plastic gear of the other brands didn’t stand up to her use, and abuse. She makes shakes or smoothies almost everyday, and this blender has performed very well for the last 2 months. The looks are also to her liking. I find that when my wife is happy, life is much easier around the house. LOL, I'm in trouble when she reads this. It’s surprising what a thoughtful gift can do. This blender gift was a good idea after all.

Thanks For Checking Out My Review!!!

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