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Palm Tungsten T2 - A Lot More Palm Than Ever Before!

Apr 18, 2004
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Pros:Looks, Palm OS 5.2.1, Collapsible Graffiti Area, Bluetooth


The Bottom Line: The Palm Tungsten T2 proves itself to be a very worthwhile PDA... Battery life is skimpy, but Bluetooth makes up for it.

The Palm Tungsten T2 is the device that ultimately replaced the Palm Tungsten T and is a step above the Palm Tungsten E. When the Palm Tungsten T2 first came out, it was very expensive. But through gradual price drops, the Palm Tungsten T2 is currently in the mid-$200's. After using the Palm Tungsten T2, here's what I found with the device.

*The Palm Tungsten T2 and the slightly less expensive Palm Tungsten E look fairly similar to an extent. The Palm Tungsten T2 however, has more to offer. The T2 offers a slightly faster processor compared to the E, a collapsible design which covers or uncovers the graffiti area, and the T2 has built-in Bluetooth. The memory in the T2 and E are the same at 32MB. In comparison to the more expensive Palm Tungsten T3, the Palm Tungsten T2 offers a slower processor, half as much memory, and a smaller display. But as for the typical PDA user that wants a little more from their device, the Palm Tungsten T2 appears to be a pretty good choice. But if you require more power, you might want to look into the Palm Tungsten T3 or Palm Tungsten C. You also might want to check out options from Sony with their Clie series which prove to be very capable PDA's. For what you pay for with this device, you get a pretty darn good product!

*The Palm Tungsten T2 is a fairly good performer. When I used this PDA, it felt pretty comfortable. Here's what you should know about the performance.

*The Palm Tungsten T2 runs on a Texas Instruments OMAP 1510 processor clocking in at about 144MhZ. This is a slight improvement over the processor found on the Tungsten E which clocks in at 126MhZ. This is a considerably different processor compared to the Intel XScale you find on the Palm Tungsten T3 and Palm Tungsten C which clocks in at a whooping 400MhZ! Even though it's rated considerably slower than the XScale processor, the Palm Tungsten T2 is still a fast machine. The Palm operating system is extremely efficient. I had no problems with MP3 playback and running applications when I used this device. The 144MhZ should definitely be enough for the functions you need. Overall, the Palm Tungsten T2 runs very efficiently on its Texas Instruments built processor.

*The Palm Tungsten T2 runs on Palm OS 5.2.1. This is the newer-age operating system offered by Palm. You will find 5.2.1 in many of the newer PDA's on the market including the rest of the Tungsten series, the PalmOne Treo 600 Smartphone, etc... So when you're buying the Palm Tungsten T2, you shouldn't expect to find an outdated version of Palm OS such as 4.1 or 3.5. It's nice that Palm has packed the more recent operating system into this baby.

*The Palm Tungsten T2 doesn't manage to pull ahead of the Palm Tungsten E when it comes to the internal memory. Both units have 32MB of built-in memory where 28.3MB is actually usable. 32MB should definitely be a sufficient amount for most PDA users. Then again, if you need some more storage, you can always use the SD/MMC slot to add in more memory. Palm OS 5.2.1 supports up to 512MB of external memory. In comparison to the higher-end models offered by Palm, the Palm Tungsten T2 has half as much memory as the Palm Tungsten T3 and Palm Tungsten C. But overall, Palm didn't get skimpy with the Palm Tungsten T2, they gave it a generous amount of memory.

*The screen on the Palm Tungsten T2 is pretty. It's not nearly as cool as the Palm Tungsten T3 where it has a collapsible screen. However, the 320x320 display is large and offers beautiful and vivid colors. Also, a neat thing about the Palm Tungsten T2 is that it has a collapsible graffiti writing area. This allows you to compress your PDA and make it easier to fit somewhere or just make it smaller in general... Yeah, that's nice... The screen is what you'd expect from a quality Palm product, something that's good quality. This is one of the nicer screens that I've seen on the market.

*The Palm Tungsten T2 didn't exactly have the greatest battery life that I've seen. When using this PDA, I achieved about three and a half or so hours of heavy use with the backlight on. I've seen better battery life on some Sony Clie PDA's. Well, as long as you've got a charger handy, it's no biggie. But if you're on the go a lot and might not have a charger handy all the time, maybe you should look into a PDA that may offer a better battery life. When you're using the Palm Tungsten T2 with a lower backlight setting or with it completely off; (Oh gosh, that's quite a pain to use!) then you can expect a prolonged battery life. But it really sucks to use a PDA with the backlight off. But if you really need to conserve the battery, you learn to manage.

*The Palm Tungsten T2 comes with RealOne Player. This will allow you to play multimedia files. One of the popular uses of PDA's today is MP3 playback. The MP3 quality on the device was pretty good quality when using a nice pair of Sony earbud headphones. Though using SD cards for MP3 playback isn't very efficient and can become very costly. But hey, some people can put a decent amount of music on a 128MB+ SD card. I would much rather use a hard drive based MP3 player, but this is also a decent alternative. You can also play videos with the device with the Kinoma video player. That can be pretty cool. The Palm Tungsten T2 isn't a bad portable media device, it's actually quite good. It's just a very costly one!

*Oh yes, what's the major difference between the Palm Tungsten T2 and the Palm Tungsten E? Of course, it's the built-in Bluetooth! I'm not a big Bluetooth user, but I do know that many people in this world are. Whether you use Bluetooth or not can mean all the difference in the world between you saving a few clams and buying the Tungsten E, or just sticking to the Tungsten T2. If you're into Bluetooth or look forward to taking advantage of it in the near future, you should consider the Palm Tungsten T2.

*Overall, the Palm Tungsten T2 proves to be a pretty solid performer. The battery life might suck a little, but the Bluetooth and other features may make up for it.

-Ease of Use-
*The Palm Tungsten T2 proves to be a pretty easy to use PDA. Here's what I found with the ease of use on this device.

*The Palm Tungsten T2 is a fairly easy to use device. First, it runs on Palm OS which is the easiest operating system to use. It has a lower learning curve compared to Microsoft Pocket PC. As for the device itself, at has a very clean-cut interface. It has the short-cut keys on the front of the device which allow you for easy and quick access to important programs. Also, the navigation pad located on the center of the console allows for you to easily scroll through the programs and such. The Palm Tungsten T2 lacks a hardware keyboard which you would find on the Palm Tungsten C. Some people might prefer such a keyboard. If you're one of those people, you should consider spending more money and investing into the Tungsten C. Something which I find cool is that the Palm Tungsten T2 has a collapsible graffiti writing area. This will give you some more storage space or what not by making the device a little bit smaller when making it compact. You can add-on other things such as full-size keyboards which might making typing a lot easier. This is a costly option however. Overall, the Palm Tungsten T2 proves itself to be simple to use.

*The Palm Tungsten T2 is an easy to synchronize device. This PDA comes with a USB sync cradle. I know that some cheaper PDA's on the market lack a cradle. This is a nice place to stow away your PDA or hold securely while synchronizing to your computer. You sync to your computer via Palm Desktop. The software bundle that comes with the Palm Tungsten T2 is also pretty good. You'll have a few handy programs that you can use right off the bat.

*When it comes to the ease of use and synchronizing the PDA, it's pretty efficient. It's an easy to use PDA thanks to its clean interface. Also, the software bundle included is pretty good.

-So What's NOT Hot-
*There are a few things that make the Palm Tungsten T2 a not such hot device. Here's what they are.

*The battery life on the Palm Tungsten T2 is pretty bad. You can do much better with some other PDA's. But you can take care of this problem if you charge the device often or run it on lower backlight settings. This will help conserve battery life. But if you like to use your device to its fullest extent and can't charge often, I'd look elsewhere.

*The Palm Tungsten T2 is considerably more expensive than the Palm Tungsten E, but there is no increase in internal memory. That big increase you will find in the Palm Tungsten T3 and Palm Tungsten C. Oh well, it's really not that big of a deal. 32MB is still very sufficient. And you've also got the expansion slot so you shouldn't have any problems. But considering the fact that memory hardware is so cheap and the T2 is a step up from the E, shouldn't there be at least maybe 48MB or something?

*These are the factors that bring down the Palm Tungsten T2. The complaint about memory is just me, I don't know if anyone else would really consider this. But the battery life makes an impact on the device. It's the largest issue you should consider.

-Looks & Styling-
*The Palm Tungsten T2 is a very sexy looking device. With the device completely collapsed, it has a very neat proffessional look to it (Lack of graffiti area). I guess I can say that all of the Tungstens are pretty attractive devices. The Palm Tungsten T2 would maybe get you some attention. Overall, the Palm Tungsten T2 is a sleek looking device.

-The Verdict-
*With the Palm Tungsten T2 being a lot cheaper than it was before, it proves itself to be a very good choice in the PDA market. If you want to take advantage of Palm OS as well as Bluetooth, then maybe you've found the right PDA for you. It does offer some improvements over the cheaper Palm Tungsten E (Mostly the Bluetooth), but other than that, the E might be your best cost-effective decision. Other than the battery life, the Palm Tungsten T2 has proved itself to be an excellent device!

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): Mid-200''s
Recommended for: Students - Stylish and a Best Value

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