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Panasonic DMR-E100HEBS DVD Recorder

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Nov 14, 2003
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Pros:Large Hard Drive, Records DVD

Cons:Poor Owner's Manuals

The Bottom Line: The features are as amazing as the price is high!

Panasonic made a good choice putting this baby on the market. Though the price is a bit high, it will deliver a lot of enjoyment to anyone who purchases it. The Panasonic DMR-E100 is an all-around machine. It is a multi-media work horse. It is more that just a DVD player and more than a DVD recorder as you will soon find out!

Hey Santa, all I want for Christmas is an E100!

The DMR-E100:

The E100 is unique. Panasonic set themselves apart from the competition by not only allowing you to record DVDs but also allowing you to record more than 100 hours of programming with its built in hard drive. The E100 also features a built-in SD card slot that allows it to read and write MPEG2 and MPEG4 video.

How would you like to record your favorite TV show?!

You can record and then record onto DVD your favorite TV show or record virtually any type of media from laptops, digital cameras, digital camcorders, and more.

Ok - you ask...but how good is the DVD player? Well, it's actually a great DVD player also! The E100 is a progressive-scan DVD player that can play DVDs, CDs and MP3s! So you get the quality of a high-end DVD player along with the added benefits of the DVD recorder and hard drive.

Speaking of...the E100 is equiped with a 120 GB (Giga-Byte) hard drive which provides you with up to 150 hours of recording time! So record your favorite shows, load up with some DVD-Rs and burn till your little heart's content! You can record up to 6 hours of programming on to one 4.7 GB DVD-R. Six hours is partially possible because of Panasonic's unique VBR (variable bit rate) technology.

What's really handy is you can record to the hard drive while watching something from the hard drive! How cool is that?! Recording to DVD is fairly quick and pretty simple. You can transfer information to the hard drive from DVD at 22 Mbps (mega bytes per second) and vice versa. Another cool feature quick-record function. This allows you to just press a button and the E100 will find blank space on the the disc to start recording to! DVD-Rs are still not very cheap, not compared to CD-Rs however you can store a ton of information on one!

For those of you that are wanting to move old VHS libraries to more efficient DVDs you get a comprehensive array of enhancing technology to increase the quality of those old videos. Things you can do include: 3D noise reduction, block noise reduction, and mosquito noise reduction. You can edit video, skip sections, rearrange scenes, and create custom playlists. The E100 automatically creates a playlist with new chapters being generated for every stop or pause in the original recording. At this point you can rearrange the chapters, create new ones, or delete unwanted ones. Hard drive recordings are similarly easy to navigate. There's an onscreen menu that lists recording times, dates, channels, and titles. Finding what you want is very simple!

There's a variety of inputs on the E100 to maximize versatility. (1 DV, 3 composite-video, 3 s-video, 1 RF, and 1 SD card slot) The PC card slot is compatible with a standard PC card, SD memory card, CompactFlash card, MultiMediaCard, Smart Media card and Memory Stick.

That doesn't end the snazy features though! Oh no! You also have Dolby Digital audio recording, bilingual recording, advanced surround sound, commercial skip, and cinema mode.

With so much to offer one begins to understand the reason for the large price tag! This will become the only unit you need with your TV, other than a great stereo system.

Features / Specs:

- Progressive Scan
- 120 GB Hard Drive (150 hrs)
- DVD Recorder
- Plays: DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, TIFF, and JPEG Images
- One-Touch Recording
- DV inputs: 1 (IEEE 1394/FireWire)
- Component-video inputs: 1 (switchable, 480i/480p)
- Composite video inputs: 3
- Composite video outputs: 1
- Audio inputs: 3 stereo analog (left/right)
- Audio outputs: 2 stereo analog (left/right), 1 optical digital-audio output
- S-video input: 3
- S-video output: 1
- RF coaxial inputs: 1
- Pause live TV
- Life TV buffer
- Multilingual support: English, Spanish, French
- Parental controls
- Slow motion, Picture zoom, Still/Freeze fram, Frame advance
- Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1-channel passthrough
- Simulated surround sound (Advanced Surround)
- Length, Width, Heigth 11.2" x 16.9" x 3.125"
- Weight: 8.6 pounds
- Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
- Universal remote


If you can handle the price tag, I'd say go for it. It's hard to beat the features of the E100. Imagine adding this to a DISH Network DVR (digital video recorder) setup! Not only would you be able to record with the E100, but you'd have the DVR too!

Anyway, the E100 is a great machine. (Ooh, don't tell John Connor I said that!) The DVD recorder works well and is actually pretty simple to learn! The hard drive is easy to work also. The owners manuals are kind of crappy, but you'll get it after a while. Be sure to clearly mark all the DVD-Rs you're going to burn 'cause it'd be easy to lose track of what is recorded where.

TV is getting more and! Sad as it is (As if we didn't watch enough already!). In any case...

Final Say:

I've used this extensively at my friends house. He has the best audio/video setup I've ever seen in a private home! He has an enourmous TV (over 40" Plasma flat screen/panel), killer surround sound, and more. Guess it pays to be a computer nerd, huh?! We record all kinds of TV shows, movies, and pictures. I really recommend this product.

The Panasonic DMR-E100 is the all around best DVD recorder/player available!

Check out my other reviews! Thanks!

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Amount Paid (US$): 899.99

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