Polti Vaporetto 2000R Vacuum

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Vaporetto 2000R Advanced Residential

Nov 5, 2004 (Updated Nov 7, 2004)
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Pros:Fast, efficient cleaning with no chemicals required.

Cons:Cord could be longer. Flat surfaces wet when using without cloth. Unimpressive wrinkle remover.

The Bottom Line: Save time on scrubbing, save money on cleaning products, reduce allergens and exposure to harmful chemicals, kill bacteria,and save the environment from detergent/chemicals in groundwater.

As I have a baby girl and 2 parrots, a Macaw and a Sun Conure, I wanted a way to clean bird cages and my home without harmful chemicals. I just got my Vaporetto and I am having a great time trying it out!

Seller's description (quoted from Polti): "This powerful 50PSI Advanced Residential system uses no chemicals only tap water. cleans tiles, grout, ovens, stoves, bathrooms, kitchens, home appliances, windows, glass, mirrors, carpets, rugs and curtains and much much more. Comes complete with full accessories and video demonstration. Superheated and high pressure dry steam, ecological system using only water not requiring any other detergent or chemical products... Available only in 120v. On/Off switch on the handle, vapor flow regulator and reaches a temperature of 270F.One year warranty on parts and labor and after sales customer service and factory trained technical support available. List of accessories and attachments - Two extension tubes - One hose with on/off button at the handle - One high pressure nozzle (120) - One brush for the high pressure nozzle (120) - One large rectangular brush with clips - One small small rectangular brush - One large squeegee blade - One small squeegee blade - One water filler bottle - One large terry cotton cloth for large rectangular brush - One small terry cotton cloth with elastic for the small rectangular brush - One operating manual - One demonstration video tape..."

The unit looks a little like a canister-type vacuum cleaner. You attach a hose on the base and the attachments easily clip onto the hose. The filler bottle is designed to easily fill the unit; no funnel is needed. The water lasts for over an hour of cleaning. I like that the vapor on/off switch is on the handle. However, the steam volume regulator is on the unit, so you do have to bend to adjust that.

I have used it so far to clean the shower liner (with the rectangular brush and terrycloth "sock"). Stains which I thought were permanent almost slid off without scrubbing; get chocolate milk stains out of beige carpet with the nozzle brush (effortless); clean my suede-looking sofa (rectangular brush with "sock"); mop the hardwood floors with the large brush, terrycloth cover, and extension tubes; clean grout on my kitchen tiles with the steam nozzle attachment(floor and countertop); steamed the mattresses, pillows, and a futon (dog hair came off easily because the vapor neutralizes static). I have a flat-top stove and I removed a stuck-on stain with concentrated vapor.

The Vaporetto doesn't use a lot of water so drying time is fast! That is important when my toddler wants to walk on the just-mopped floor. Mattresses, sofa, carpet and futon dried in about 15 minutes. It is very easy and fast to switch from one attachment to another.

I am still experimenting but I thought on a flat surface like the stove-top and the mirrors (use a squeegee attachment) it did leave too much water which I had to wipe up. That is not a problem if I use the cloth brush covers. Water was only left on the surface when I used the brush without the cloth cover. Plus, I have to experiment to regulate the amount of steam. Perhaps I used too much.

My carpet downstairs is older and worn, so stains did not come out with the steam alone. I will have to pre-treat those areas. Buyers should understand that this unit is not a vacuum. You have to vacuum before and after steaming carpets. My dogs stay downstairs so I like that the heat kills fleas, eggs, larva, and dust mites without chemicals that could harm the birds.

Because the 270 degree temperature kills microbials, you could use the Vaporetto to disinfect your baby's stuffed animals, high chair, and your toothbrushes. (Great idea after a bout of strep throat, for example, to prevent re-infection!)

I have not tried cleaning the car's engine or the BBQ grill yet so I cannot report on its effectiveness on those jobs. Users are informed that on particularly tough stains, a mild detergent might be required, especially on the first cleaning. This unit also is reported to be great at cleaning and misting house plants on low vapor. You would hold it about 4 inches from the plants. Heat is not a problem for the plants because at that distance heat dissipates very quickly.

I did try steaming the curtains and saw only minor wrinkle reduction. However, I did steam my khaki pants and while they are not as crisp as if they had been ironed, I was able to wear them without ironing. I think the Vaporetto would be very effective at getting odors out of your clothes, or freshening between dry-cleaning, but it is NOT going to replace your iron.

One big negative about the unit is that it is very tricky to locate additional attachments. I saw on the video an optional iron, wallpaper stripping attachment, and wire brush for the grill. One would have to research and mail order. And I notice many of the websites are shipping from the UK. You are not just going to run over to Walmart and grab the attachments. I already know that I will need additional terrycloth "socks" and cloths. It only comes with one each. You would not want to use the "sock" on your sofa right after having used it to clean a moldy shower curtain. However, old towels can be clipped to the large rectangular brush and work just as well.

I have had "gadgets" before that worked great, but I just dreaded the tedious chore of getting them out, setting them up, and then the disassembling and clean-up after use. The Vaporetto is very easy to get out, fill the tank, plug it in and wait about 2 minutes for the water to heat. After use, just unplug, take off the hose, and put it in the pantry! The manufacturer says you only need to clean the water tank every 3 months. I do wish the cord were longer. You have to unnplug it and move to the next area pretty often.

All the cleaning I mentioned only took about an hour and a half. And the water lasts for over an hour without refilling. I am very impressed and would recommend this product! I do suggest watching the video and reading the manual before initial use to get the most out of your machine. I predict within a month, I could update this review with many more practical uses for the Vaporetto!

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