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Presto 7035 Sandwich Maker

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Jan 11, 2007 (Updated Jan 14, 2007)
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Pros:Very easy clean up, non-stick surface, many uses.

Cons:nothing yet.

The Bottom Line: This is my new favorite appliance. The ease of cleanup is great and so is the ability to make so many different foods on it.

Christmas at the in-laws....normally not the greatest

event of the year. Well there was this package marked to

my husband and I. I opened it and much to my surprise was

a Presto Cool Touch Griddle. At first I thought to

myself "great, another small kitchen appliance that won't

get used and takes up space".

Well it sat at my house in the box for about three days.

My husband wanted grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato

soup for lunch. Normally it takes me a good half an hour

just to make the sandwiches (he usually eats about ten

himself and my pan will only hold two at a time).

I unpacked it (which was really easy), cleaned it with

some soapy water (also easy), and inserted it's heating

element plug (easiest so far). I was thinking to myself

now what temperature to set it to. Well wouldn't you know,

it says right on the back page of the instruction booklet.

It has temps for the following items (bacon, Canadian

bacon, eggs, fish, french toast, ham, hamburgers, liver,

minute steak, pancakes, pork chops, potatoes, sausage,

sandwiches (lucky me), and steak (also note that for the

meats they have different temps and times listed for

different thicknesses (very handy). Needless to say, this

book hasn't been or will ever be filed away somewhere.

I set the griddle to 325 degrees as the directions showed

and got my sandwiches ready to cook. I also know that it

doesn't take as long to cook as the directions show (no way

did it take me 5-10 minutes to make my first 6

sandwiches). But in my opinion, the quicker the better.

The sandwiches turned out wonderful and I really enjoyed

being able to flip them with ease without having to worry

about the spatula hitting the edges of the pan all the

time. Note, there is an edge around the griddle but it is

very low so it doesn't get in your way.

Clean up was a breeze. I just unplugged it and let it

cool down. Next I took a damp, soapy paper towel and wiped

off the crumbs. I dried it off and it was ready to be put

away. I don't have a lot of cupboard space so I was afraid

I'd have to put it in the oven to store it (would really

hate to have to do that to something so new). I checked in

my cupboard that I store my pans and bowls in and it looked

like it may fit. Well it did, with room to spare. This is

one of the easiest appliances I've ever had to store.

My next big adventure was making pancakes and bacon for

my kids and I one morning. I set my griddle to the proper

temperature, mixed up my pancakes, checked the grill to see

if it was hot enough (the water splash test) and crossed my

fingers. I normally make the worst pancakes ever (we're

talking either runny in the middle or burnt on the outside-

I'm terrible at temp regulation). I carefully spooned out

enough batter for four pancakes on the one half and lined

up my three pieces of bacon on the other. I waited until

the bubbles started breaking on the pancakes and flipped

them. Wow....golden brown, beautiful really. I waited a

short while and then flipped them back. Wow, for once both

sides looked almost identical. Those pancakes were the

best I've ever made. My daughter even said so (how nice of

her). Again, the pancakes took less time to cook than the

2-3 minutes that it says in the booklet. The bacon on the

other hand did take about the 5-8 minutes that it said.

Needless to say I was still making bacon after the pancakes

were done. No big deal there.

Since I mentioned the bacon I figured I better mention

the drip tray feature on the griddle. It is just a basic

removable drip tray (nice and big) that slides out easily

for cleaning. Speaking of cleaning the griddle has my

favorite feature........the whole thing (except for the

heating element cord) is dishwasher safe. That's right,

when you're done cooking just unplug the cord and toss the

whole unit into your dishwasher (remove the tray first of

course). I was a little skeptical of weather this thing

would fit in my dishwasher but just like in my cupboard it

fit no problem. I just placed it way in the back.

I love this appliance and have all ready used it more in

the past couple weeks than I've used most of the other

small appliances in my home.

oh, and the cool touch part of the description applies to

the base and how it has nice plastic carrying handles to

move it.

It also comes with a one year limited warranty. Which is

always a plus. And the temperature dial also has a light

which allows you to see if the griddle is heated to the

proper temp (light goes out when it is).

Well I'm sure I'll have more to say about my new favorite

appliance after I get to try out some other foods on it.

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