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My, My, My!! Breakfast Never Tasted So Good!!! It's So Easy!!!

Jul 31, 2008 (Updated Jan 19, 2009)
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Pros:Great unit! Cooks very wonderfully. Great performance!!

Cons:None to date.

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend it!! One of the best units out there!


First, let me say that National Presto Co. has been around for many decades. It began with making pressure cookers during and for the militery for World War 2, and had gotten into making small electric appliances shortly thereafter. I've had great success with their products!!

I just bought the Presto Cool Touch Indoor Griddle three days ago, so this morning, I decided that I'd try it out.

I wanted pancakes, bacon and eggs for breakfast and that is what I made on the unit. I wasn't going to get it at first, but when I saw how cheap it was, I just couldn't pass it up and had to get it!! More on that later.

I mainly bought it because I thought about the hot summer that we are presently having and the remaining hot days left in the months ahead - August and September. To use the stove, it gives out a tremendous amount of heat. So much so, that it feels as though the heat is on!! Even the pilot for the burners makes a lot of heat in the summer! It's almost unbearable!! Besides, a regular skillet does not accommodate pancakes bacon and eggs all at once. You must do each pancake one at a time and the bacon and eggs
must be done one at a time as well!!


I wanted to be able to do an entire breakfast at one time without waiting in between for each because there is no room. Also, this unit helps me keep the heat level in the kitchen way down, as there is hardly any heat build-up in the kitchen.

So I set up the unit in preparation to start using it once it got hot and came up to the desired cooking temp. In almost no time, I started with 3 pancakes, three slices of bacon and two fried eggs over easy. I found out that I had plenty of room to do all three! Flipping them all over was easy as pie. The eggs were put on last because they take the least amount of time to cook.

I found that I had plenty of room to spare on the unit. To me, it is very spacious and accommodates large meals! The large drip tray can accept quite a bit of fat, so if you are cooking burgers or hot dogs for the kids, the tray will not run over.


The Cool Touch Base allows you to move or lift the unit without having to use pot holders because your hands don't touch the hot griddle itself and you won't get burned! It heats up very quickly, so that you can start cooking almost instantly.


Use this unit to make breakfast, lunch and dinner, such as French toast, pancakes, eggs & bacon, grilled cheese sammies, burgers, chops & hot dogs, grilled boneless chicken breasts ,Cuban sammies, Rueben sammies, even desert like crapes!

All your grilling needs can be done on this baby. And it won't even heat up the kitchen during the long hot but enjoyable summer like your stove would! You'll stay cool and so will the kids. Use this unit all day long and still get luscious tasty hot meals on the table in just mere minutes without feeling as though you've slaved over a hot stove all day!!


1. Big 10-1/2 x 20-inch cooking surface with a built-in backstop ledge for easy food handling.

2. Cool touch base surrounds grilling surface on the front and sides. Provides protection against toughing the hot unit and burns.

3. Premium nonstick surface for stick-free cooking and easy cleanup.

4. Fully immersible with the heat control removed.

5. Large slide-out drip / grease tray. Easy to empty and clean.

6. Control Master heat control for automatic cooking. A small light cycles on and off to help the unit maintain the desired cooking temp.

7. Heavy cast warp-resistant aluminum surface griddle.

8. One-year limited warranty on entire unit.

9. Easy to understand pamplett instruction manual.

10. Made in China.

11. Temp-Timetable on back of manual for the types of foods that you'll be cooking.


None to date.


So far, I absolutely LOVE this unit!! It is the very first electric griddle that I've ever owned, and the first use was a smashing success!! I like the fact that it heats up very quickly - faster than a stovetop skillet! You can start cooking almost instantly!

I also like the cool touch base that helps to protect my hands from touching the hot griddle and getting burned. It's basically a great appliance to own!! I'm very happy with it.


Cleanup is a snap! Just unplug and remove heat control, let unit cool and wash by hand in sink in some hot soapy water. Rinse well and towel dry thoroughly. That's all there is to it!


1. Stock No.: 07030.

2. 120 volts AC.

3. Power Consumption: 1,500 watts.

4. Patent Pending.

5. UL listed.


I'm so glad that I bought this unit!! I've never had one before, and I'm completely flabbergasted about the great performance of this griddle. I DO have a stovetop one, but this one works even better! It's a modestly priced unit that really works!


Yes! if you're looking for a great electric griddle that will perform very well at a good cheap price, then this unit is the one to get!!


I bought this unit at Macy's. It was marked down for $19.00. But I found out that the cheap price was a mistake. Someone had messed up and had marked the wrong price on it, but I still paid only $19.00 for it! It normally sells there for $49.00. I got it pretty dirt cheap!

But you can also find it at other fine stores like Walmart, kmart, Kohl's, Sears and Target.



Not a bad one, but to be on the safe side, I used a nylon spatula to keep from marring and scratching the cooking surface. Using anything that's metal could damage the nonstick surface, possibly paving the way for chipping or peeling.

Thank you for reading this review.


Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 19.00

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