Pyle PADH879 (12 inch) Main / Stereo Speaker Reviews
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Pyle PADH879 (12 inch) Main / Stereo Speaker

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Ideal for Vocal PA use.

Feb 11, 2008
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Pros:Rugged cabinets, easy loadin/out; crisp mids and highs; amazing price.

Cons:Given the size (can't handle 2000 watts), none.

The Bottom Line: See the main review. Vocal PAs really need SMALL drivers to reproduce the sound. This has that.

Most people don't realize that the human voice is hard to reproduce, that it is essentially low midrange, and that bigger is NOT better with voice.

Enter this Pyle 8" cabinet.

Sit this cabinet down next to an easily found Peavey 15" PA cabinet. Sing/talk through it ... or play some music with a female vocalist. You will totally hear the difference. The 15" cone will muddy up the voice while this cabinet pushes it into the room with great openness. Once you do this test, try it with a 12", even a 10". The ideal driver for voice is 5" - but is almost impossible to find, and even harder to find one that can take 100, 200, 300 watts peak power amp output.

Enter the Pyle PADH879. The 8" driver allows high power handling (use it in pairs and you get the desired 4 ohm load to the amp and a large 600 watts power handling) while having a cone size that is quick and responsive to voice. The horn tweeter gives great openness to the voice and great ambience for digital effects (common on all mixers). With 2 of these you can dedicate 600 watts PURELY TO VOICE. The cabinets are efficient and can sing over 400 watt Marshall guitar heads, basses and drums.

Has integrated 35mm stand mounting so you can sit these little guys up and away to project sound and not take up valueable floor space. Buy a 500 watt/side stereo amp, hook it up to your powered mixer, buy 4 of these and you will have the hottest sounding vocal PA around.

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Amount Paid (US$): $55.00

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