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Audiovox RCU300T Remote Control

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Don't Change That Channel (I Can't, The Remote's Lost)

Apr 29, 2002 (Updated Jan 28, 2003)
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Pros:Easy to program, cheap and it changes the channel

Cons:Buttons don't glow in the dark

The Bottom Line: The RCA RCU300T is a good replacement remote. It is easy to program and it changes the channels very easily. That's really all you can ask for in a remote.

In life, there is almost nothing worse than loosing the remote control. Sure, maybe running out of gas or getting a computer virus could be worse, but not for me. If I don’t have quick access to the channel changer my body convulses and I get very anxious. So, when my friend broke my remote control (he still claims he didn’t do it) I had to rush out and purchase a new one.

When I was choosing my new remote, price was my main consideration. This remote was for the small television that I have in my office. Yes, I am one of those lucky people that can watch television while at work. It comes in handy during the NCAA tournament and other daytime sporting events. Because I didn’t need anything fancy, I was looking for the cheapest remote with the best functions. So, I picked up the RCA RCU 300T for $7.99 at Target. There was a cheaper remote, but it only allowed for “channel up/channel down” and “volume up/volume down” and I wanted to be able to input the exact channel that I wanted to watch.

The RCU 300T is a programmable remote that can control up to three devices. It can control your cable box, your VCR and your television. There is an easy to use booklet included with the remote that gives you the codes you need to program the remote so that it can control your devices. It seems to be compatible with just about every VCR and television that exist. There is a much smaller list for compatible cable boxes so you may want to go with a different remote if you need to control a cable box. It’s very simple to program the remote. You basically hit four buttons and the remote is programmed. Each company’s device has several possible codes so it may take you some time to select the correct code. But, there are so many to choose from that I’m sure you’ll be able to find it.

The functionality of the remote is excellent. The five buttons that you use the most (off/on, volume up, volume down, channel up and channel down) are red so they stand out from the other gray buttons. All of the buttons are good size and easily punchable. The only problem is that unlike other more expensive remotes, the buttons do not glow in the dark. It’s not a big issue, but it’s still an issue. There is a previous channel button that is great for bouncing back and forth between two channels. The VCR buttons are as follows: rewind, play, fast forward, record, pause and stop. I think that’s just about all you’ll need.

The RCU 300T is possibly a bit too big for someone with small hands to hold comfortably. A small child could also have so difficult getting his or her little hands around it. The good thing is that it’s extremely lightweight and very easy to pick up. Of course the most important thing is that it changes the channels remarkably well. Another good thing is that it comes with the two AAA batteries that are needed to run the remote. That’s like an extra dollar or so off the purchase price that you are able to save. Keep this in mind as well; if you have any problems there is also a toll free phone number that you can call for customer service questions.

Overall, if you are looking at purchasing a replacement remote control for your television, VCR or cable box, the RCA RCU 300T is a sound buy. It’s inexpensive, easy to use and it works.

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