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Resident Evil: Outbreak (Sony PlayStation 2, 2004)

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Its like Resident Evil... Online!

Aug 15, 2005
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Pros:graphics, gameplay, sound, online play that is original

Cons:loading times, lack of online players

The Bottom Line: If you like Resident Evil, get it. If you want a new online experience, get it.

I have seen the review for this game arn't as good as they should be. Maybe im just different than other people, but I think this was a really good idea for a game, and it came out very well.

My opinions on the graphics are mixed. At parts it is very detailed, at parts you are just walking in a white hallway with no textures. The characters are very well detailed the whole way though. I'd give the graphics an average rating, there are definately worse ones out there.

This is where some people complain. They say that the game has no story, which it really doesn't. The story is you are one of the survivors in Racoon City during the zombie outbreak and you must make it out alive. Thats all the story contains. But most online games dont exactly have the most complex stories. Once again, average here.

Gameplay: Average as well. The game handles smoothly except for one issue. The loading times. This game, and I am being serious here, has the worst loading times I have ever seen, Playstation 2 or otherwise. I mean they are horrid! If you have alot of money, or are lucky enough to find an outrageously cheap hard drive (like i was) you can cut them to about 40% of the original loading time. Other than that the gameplay is very nice. I think the gameplay balances out the huge hit it took for the slowest loading ever. Not for the impatient thats for sure.

Controls are pretty simple and straightforward. If you have ever played a Resident Evil or Silent Hill before you know what is going on here. You press the left analog stick to move, circle to run, press R1 to ready your weapon press x to fire. Same old stuff, but for some reason it never gets boring. Each character can carry up to 4 items, which adds strategy, but also gets frustrating when you are carrying around 2 puzzle items for the whole level in some instances. Luckily, unlike most previous Resident Evil games, you can switch them out for other items at any time, so dont feel bad if you want to drop off that shotgun for the keycard and come back, it happens.

The Online Portion:
Nowadays, the online portion isn't nearly as populated as it once was. I see an average of 20 people on during the evening, and most of them are people who just got the game. You can tell this by their win/loss record of 0/2. The online system is decent but isn't without its slowdowns. The friends list could have been better, you need to scan for each of your friends to see if they are online. Luckily this was fixed in Resident Evil Outbreak File 2, it scans automatically each user when the game starts.

Resident Evil sounds. Im serious. If you have played the games before you will recognize some of the sound effects are just taken directly from other games. So these would be average as well, or better if you enjoy those sounds.

If you like Resident Evil at all, or just want a new online experience, this game is for you. It is relatively cheap now. And if you already have your Playstation 2 configured for online games, then there is absolutely no reason you shoudln't go out and get this one. I was originally going to give it a 3... But i bumped my review up to a 4 thinking of how much fun I've had with this title and how much fun I will continue to have in the future. Looking over my gameplay records, it says I have over 250 hours of play time. A game just has to be good to keep you interested for that long.

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Resident Evil: Outbreak takes a turn from previous outings in the survival horror series by featuring a multiplayer online component. The narrative is...
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Resident Evil: Outbreak takes a turn from previous outings in the survival horror series by featuring a multiplayer online component. The narrative is...
Store Rating: 4.0
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