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Jan 29, 2005 (Updated Jan 30, 2005)
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Pros:Easy to operate, cleans well

Cons:Horrible upper/lower rack system, small silverware basket

The Bottom Line: The Roper RUD4000M is an average, economical dishwasher for the smaller family or individual. Gives good performance.

I was grateful when the manager of our temporary apartment digs decided to upgrade with new appliance. The old dishwasher that was in here cleaned well, but it was probably over 20 years old, and had this really nasty habit of continuous spray. I made the mistake of opening the door one day when I heard a container flying all over the compartment, and got my second shower of the day. I was very happy to wish that poor thing a good riddance.

The dishwasher of choice for our complex is the Roper RUD4000M, Roper being a subsidiary of the Whirlpool Corporation. This particular brand is marketed for affordability, with each model ranging in price from $200 to $300. The RUD4000M is their mid-range built-in product. In general Roper dishwashers appear to be smaller in capacity than other dishwashers I’ve seen and owned, and this particular model is no different.

Description & Features

The RUD4000M is built-in dishwasher, measuring in at 34-3/8”H x 23-7/8”W x 24”D. This particular model is available in White-on-White (what we have), and Black Console with multi-colored reversible door panels. It is an Energy Star Qualified machine that uses approximately 371 kWh/year – very efficient compared to other models. The EnergyGuide attached to the dishwasher states this particular model costs $21-$31 to operate, depending on whether you use a gas or electric water heater.

The RUD4000M is a simple, utilitarian unit with a decent selection of features:

 5 Cycle Selections: Wash, Rinse and Hold, Rinse, Dry, and Plate Warmer.

 Wash levels include Normal and Heavy, as well as Pots & Pans cycle

 Air Dry (Energy Saver) or Hot Dry option

 “In-the-Rack” Silverware Basket (which is entirely too small – more on that below)

DuraPerm Tub and Door liner – The tub is one-piece injection molded

 Self-cleaning filter to remove food particles and prevent clogging - There is no documentation on exactly how this filter works, but the owner’s manual clearly states the it needs to be cleaned periodically. Not exactly self-cleaning, is it? The filter cleaning process is simple, but a little gross. The instructions state to remove the filter and clear collected particles with your fingers or a paper towel. I think I’m opting for the paper towel.

 2 standard detergent dispensers, one with flip lid, and one open

 Rinse aid dispenser with clear screw-on cap so you can see fluid level at a glance

 Easy-to-use dial control

This unit has one rotating wash arm on the bottom which spins in a stationary position, and a spray tower in the center that extends during the wash cycle, reaching items in the top rack.

The control panel is extremely simple and totally self-explanatory. It features one simple dial that you simply turn clockwise and point the indicator to the desired cycle. Cycle descriptions are clearly marked. The dry select button is a simple flip button, also with selections clearly marked: flip to left for Energy Saver dry, and to the right for heated dry.

The door lock is low-profile handle, located at the top edge of the door. You must push the handle in to open. There is no sliding lock lever on this machine. The handle latch is the lock feature, and must be securely closed before the machine will operate. Opening the machine during the cycle will stop all activity. In my honest opinion, I feel this handle system is a little flimsy. When I press the handle, I feel a little play from side to side, and I’m afraid this would be the first feature to break. This door handle is also a tad difficult for ladies with pretty, long nails, too. I’ve broken a couple of nails attempting to open it, and I don’t have “fake” nails. I can only imagine the horror (and pain) of popping off a nail overlay.


The top rack of this system is not very deep, and is very close to the top of the tub. The rack and “valley” system is not exactly tiered. There are 5 rows of racks, but all of the prongs are the same height and same distance apart. I absolutely do not like this top rack as far as placement and versatility. The rack is so close to the top of the tub, I cannot place taller glassware or travel mugs in it. I also have problems with wider glassware, such as rock glasses and mugs. Instead of being able to place them between the prongs, they have to be place over the prongs, which makes them rock back and forth and bump other glassware during the wash cycle. You can also forget about plasticware. The prongs are so close together, there is no room to anchor the plasticware to keep it from blowing around. I can anchor the plastics with glassware, but more than half the time, it still ends up blowing around and filling with dirty water. I am able to place large serving spoons and knives into the valleys with no problem, but there is no designated space for them as with some dishwasher models.

The bottom rack is almost as bad as the top rack as far as spacing and versatility. The prongs are quite tall, and again all equal height and distance apart – and very narrow. Each row of prongs is approximately 1 inches apart, with the rows approximately 2 inches apart. There is one slightly wider space on one side of the rack where a relatively small casserole may be placed, but that’s it. The protective sheath for the spray tower is also a permanent fixture in the middle of the rack. Plates of all sizes seem to fit in just fine, but when you start adding bowls or pots and pans, it fills up quickly with no room to negotiate placement.

The silverware basket is very small, containing four deep, but narrow wells. To give perspective on the capacity of the basket: One dinner for a family of four easily fills it up. Even with silverware placed alternately up and down, if the basket is filled too full, the silverware will not get completely cleaned.

With the rack and silverware system in this unit, I run this dishwasher on a daily basis, and still end up hand-washing many items a day.

Electrical requirements (from web site):

120 volt, 60 Hz., AC, 15 or 20 amp direct wire, fused electrical supply is required – copper wire only. Time delay fuse or circuit breaker recommended and provide separate circuit serving only this appliance. Outlet should be placed in adjacent cabinet.


Like many opt for, our unit was installed for us. In our case, the apartment maintenance person did the job. The RUD4000M does come with a step-by-step illustrated and detailed instruction manual for the do-it-yourselfer. He used this guide during installation, and from start to finish, the process took approximately 30 minutes. Knowing full well that I was going to be reviewing this dishwasher, I nosily observed. At each step, he consulted the manual and was able to complete the step quickly and easily from the instructions provided.


Roper (Whirlpool) has the same standard one-year full warranty on all dishwasher models, which covers replacement parts and repair labor to correct defects in materials or workmanship for one full year from the date of purchase. They back up their DuraPerm tub and inner door liner with a 10-year full warranty for parts and service. Any service covered under warranty must be performed by a Whirlpool designated service company, or the warranty is invalid. Warranty exclusions and limitations are clearly spelled out in the warranty information sheet included with your Care Guide (owner’s manual). Extended warranty information is available through Whirlpool via the Roper Appliance website:, and most likely through your point of purchase.

Care Guide

The Roper RUD4000M Comes with a very nice Care Guide, printed in English and French. It covers important safety instructions, an overview of parts/features, detailed operation instructions, and tons of suggestions on loading, efficiency and general upkeep of your dishwasher. There is also a comprehensive troubleshooting section and company contact instructions for both the USA and Canada.

There is a nice story of good customer service on Whirlpool’s part that warrants a mention here. While I was blessed with the installation guide, I wasn’t blessed with the actual care guide. Our apartment manager didn’t have a copy for us, so I hit the website to find a downloadable copy. While the main Whirlpool site had all the documentation for their named products, the Roper site did not. I finally ended up contacting Whirlpool/Roper via e-mail, and received a personal, friendly response within 24 hours – with an attachment containing the full care guide. I was very impressed with the contact aspect of their customer service, and feel confident that any problems with this dishwasher would be handled with the same courtesy. I can’t attest for the contracted service companies, but Whirlpool/Roper themselves have my vote of confidence.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a very average, economic dishwasher. The wash system seems powerful enough, but I still find I need to rinse dishes and remove stuck-on food particles before washing, or they don’t get clean. I don’t really blame the dishwasher for this, though – I blame it on our hot water. The temperature just isn’t hot enough to allow this dishwasher to clean at its fullest potential. My biggest gripe with this unit is the horrible rack system. While this is basically a standard-sized dishwasher, the rack design seriously limits the loading versatility, and I end up running it every night and still have to wash a lot by hand.

This dishwasher also doesn't have any "quiet" technology. In other words, it is loud. So loud, we either have to stop the cycle or go into the bedroom to have a phone conversation. The saving grace is the normal wash cycle isn't very long.

For an apartment, small family, bachelors (ha ha), or those needing a decent dishwasher at a decent price, the Roper RUD4000M is a perfectly good choice. But if you have a large family, are upgrading your kitchen, or cook a lot, I can’t recommend it.

Contact Info

On the Web:


Toll-Free: 1-800-44-ROPER (1-800-447-6737) – No hours listed for USA

Roper Brand Home Appliances
Customer Interaction Center
553 Benson Road
Benton Harbor, MI 49022-2692


Toll-Free: 1-800-461-5681

Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EST
Saturday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. EST

Customer Interaction Center
Whirlpool Canada, Inc
1901 Minnesota Court
Mississauga, Ontario L5N 3A7

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2005 Donna Standridge

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