SanDisk Ultra II 2 GB SD Card - (SDSDH-2048-902) Reviews
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SanDisk Ultra II 2 GB SD Card - (SDSDH-2048-902)

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SanDisk Ultra II 60X 2GB - Speed & Size For Big Mega-Pixel Digital Cameras

Jan 11, 2009
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Pros:Fast, Big Storage Size; Made for high-tech photography equipment, video and MP3 players

Cons:Small - need to keep safe and secure

The Bottom Line: A big SD card is needed for high mega-pixel cameras. This card gives you the space & speed for taking great pictures, recording video & music.

I had been using a 6.1 mega-pixel camera for a couple years and never needed to worry about the size of my SD card.  The largest I had was a 1GB which was more than sufficient for my camera and the photographs I was taking.  I planned to upgrade my camera and when I did I would upgrade my SD card as well.

I recently did upgrade - to a Canon G10, 14.1 megapixel digital camera.  Wow, what an upgrade!  I soon discovered that a 1GB was not going to hold the photographs I wanted to shoot - I am shooting in high resolution, fine, which eats up the room on the SD card very quickly.  I moved up to a SanDisk Ultra II 2GB SD Card with 60X to give me more storage room, faster processing speed, and for better overall color density or absorption.

The SanDisk Ultra II is a Secure Digital Card or SD Card.  SD cards are made to be fast, reliable, and compatible with digital cameras.  However, the SanDisk Ultra Secure Digital Card with 60x Higher Density and Speed is made to work more effectively with the advanced photography equipment available today.  This card is also great for video recordings and for use in MP3 players.

SanDisk Ultra II Secure Digital Card's have a minimum sustained write speed of 9 megabytes (MB) per second.  In addition their read speed of 10 MB per second makes these SD cards ideal for high resolution, complex and demanding shots, nature and sports photography, and even up to the professional level of photo journalism. 

Now that I need the bigger SanDisk Ultra II 2GB SD card for daily use, I will look to purchase possibly a 4GB for vacations and special events. I usually try to upload my pictures as soon as I can to prevent any loss of the pictures I've taken.  Keeping a big SD Card in your camera and waiting until you have "filled" it up runs the risk of losing your card (or camera) and thus all of your pictures; it is a good idea to have more than one SD card to use.  I would want a larger card for special occasions and trips as I would also be using the video mode heavily.

There are SanDisk memory cards at 1GB and up to 32GB's - the bigger GB cards are really for video and sound recordings as this takes up huge amounts of storage room. When you move up in camera mega-pixel size it is a good idea move up to a larger SD card in order to handle the higher resolution camera.  With higher resolutions, more memory storage is required, and thus fewer high quality pictures can be taken and stored on one card.

The SanDisk Ultra II 2GB Card will give you the following number of pictures with different mega-pixel cameras (these are approximate and vary with scene complexity):
2 MP will give you about 1808 pictures
3 MP will give you about 1524 pictures
4 MP gives you about 1190 pictures
5 MP gives you 952 pictures
6 MP will give you about 802 pictures
8 MP gives you around 635 pictures
10MP will give you about 401 pictures
12MP gives about 339 pictures
14MP I could not find data for this size, so
     will guess at about 200 to 225 pictures;

This listing gives you an idea of how the number of pictures you can store on the same 2GB disk decreases as the resolution quality increases. The 2GB becomes more important when you are shooting with a higher megapixel camera set in high resolution / fine - these types of shots eat even more into the storage capacity of the SD cards.

This size, 2GB SD Card, also works well for short video and music recordings.  You can get about 260 minutes of video recording and approximately 1900 minutes of music (not combined with video) on this 2GB card.  I have never used mine just for music recording, but have used for video with sound.

SanDisk Ultra II 2GB Cards come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty; They also say these cards are rugged and made for a variety of environmental conditions - it's good to know that they can take some abuse and keep on working.

When you purchase the SanDisk Ultra II 2GB Card it will come in it's own little plastic flip open case to help protect it when it is not in use. The case has a clip open/shut "lock" that needs to be flipped up in order to open the case - this is an added security feature that does make it harder for the case to "just open."

The SD Card is small, about 3/4" x 1 1/2" and is wafer thin. Since it is small and easy to lose, if it's not in your camera (or other device) keep it safe in it's storage case or another accessory case. It would be a shame to lose a card full of great shots and memories!

The SanDisk Ultra II 2GB Card is compatible with a wide range of devices. Rather than list all the devices this SD card is compatible with, please go to ~ you can browse through all the compatible devices as well as take the time to wander around the site and see what all SanDisk has to offer!

I have used my SanDisk Ultra II 2GB Card for just a few weeks now on my new camera.  I have not noticed any problems or difficulty with it's storage or retrieval qualities. The color saturation is outstanding and fine details are easy to see especially in 100% enlargement. I have used the  SanDisk brand for years and have used numerous sizes of SD cards over this same time; I would recommend this brand to anyone looking for an SD card.

Now is the time to buy if you were thinking of upgrading to a larger SD card. I have seen this card for sale for between $19.00 and $29.00.

Thanks for reading! Judy

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