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Sangean DT-210 AM/FM/TV Radio

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Sangean DT 210V radio a great little radio but please redesign the damn power switch!

Oct 29, 2003
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Pros:Good sound, no interference at work, locks on station and holds tuning perfectly, small compact

Cons:Sounds tinny using just the speaker, poorly designed power switch, DBB doesn't work with speaker

The Bottom Line: I would recommend the product because of its sound and compact size and its synthesized receiver

When I was just a little girl growing up in Ohio at about the age of three in the 60's I became fascinated
with rock and roll music, I had to hear it all and it was just when the British Invasion hit
that I would bug my Dad to let me use his transistor radio.

Finally Dad decided to just give me his transistor radio because he was tired of hearing me ask for it.
It was a beautiful little gem of a radio, a Valiant 6 transistor with the reverse painting and
chrome and the 6 situated right above the trade mark V. I would listen to it during the day
and at night after my Mom or Dad would tuck me in.

My two favorite stations were WIXY 1260 out of Cleveland and CKLW out of Detroit.
All of the announcers back then talked really fast and played some of the best music to ever
grace this fair planet I would go to sleep listening to House of the Rising Sun by Eric Burden
and the Animals,
Needles and Pins I think by Peter and Gordon, and all those wonderfully
bouncy Beatle songs.

After I would fall asleep my Dad would come into my bedroom and wrestle my little Valiant 6
out of my clenched hand and would turn it off and put it on top of my dresser. This ritual would
repeat like clockwork every night for years to come.

When I was thirteen my Valiant 6 finally became a piece of history, it had been dropped just
one too many times and went to transistor heaven, I cried, I loved that radio.

Fast forward to 2003

I have worked as a Pharmacy Technician for many years and one of the problems I have
doing my job is that I can't listen to decent music because of the lack of good reception in
the pharmacy work place.

I can't stand the muzak that is played constantly there, when I heard Smash Mouth's All Star
reduced to a wimpy, slow piano version I just couldn't take it anymore. I had to do something
so I went in search of a radio that I could play at work and reserve my sanity.

This was not an easy task because in our average size pharmacy we have eight computer monitors,
metal shelving and fluorescent lighting that seems to cause a big amount of interference with
radio reception. I tried many radios, co-workers brought in old transistors, battery powered,
ac powered, it didn't matter. We tried them and they all failed miserably.

They all encountered the same problem, interference and the inability to stay locked on a
station without moving the radio around all day long trying to find that perfect spot for the best

The Sangean DT-210V

I decided I wanted to find a small pocket sized digital radio that had not only ear buds but also a
small speaker so I could listen to it out loud at my pharmacy filling station. I searched web site
after web site looking for this radio, it was not easy but I finally found it at Amazon.com and I
promptly ordered it just in case there were limited quantities in stock.

The first thing you notice about the Sangean DT-210V is how unbelievably light and small it
is, it fits perfectly in my hand and I can fit in my smock pocket or my outside flap on my lunch
bag. It uses two AAA batteries and there is no ac adapter which is exactly what I wanted.
The sound is remarkably clear and crisp and I have yet to discover any interference even at my
work station amongst all the computer monitors.

One of the drawbacks for this radio is the battery life is not long at all, about twenty four hours
when using the speaker and just thirty two hours when using the ear buds. I suggest purchasing
a Ni-MH battery charger and some Ni-MH AAA re-chargable batteries, it may cost you more
in up front cost but it will save you a small fortune in battery replacement over the course of a year.

When using the speaker there is no wavering in sound or reception but it does have more of a
tinny sound than when using the ear buds. It does have a deep bass boost but you really only
notice the difference when listening with the ear buds.

You may store up to fifteen stations on FM band and ten stations on AM, however if you are
low on battery power you only have three minutes to install your new batteries otherwise all
of your preset stations are lost and you have to go through the process all over again.

There is a ninety minute auto shut off after the power is switched on but if you don't want this feature on
you just have to hold the power button down for two seconds until the auto shut off symbol
disappears. I think my Dad would have loved that auto shut off feature.

When using the radio with the speaker on you have to use the supplied antenna that looks
like very thin speaker wire. The speaker wire comes in handy because I just sit my radio on
the small metal shelf above my computer keyboard and then I wrap the antenna wire around
my station duties sign which is posted at the top of my monitor and presto I'm ready to listen
to my tunes.

I can also receive the major television stations NBC, ABC, and CBS although so far I really
have yet to find the need to use them.


Stereo/Mono/Speaker switch
Memory button
Tuning Up/Down
Earphones Jack
Volume Control
Power Switch
Memory Recall
DBB (Deep Bass Boost) selection
Band Selector
Belt Clip Holder
Lock Switch
Battery Compartment
Belt Clip


Waveband Indicator
Key Lock Indicator
Low Battery Indicator
Frequency Display
Memory Preset
Stereo Indicator
90 Minute Auto Shut Off Indicator

Output Power:

100 mW (10% T.H.D. 1 kHz)

Earphones socket:

3.5 mm dia stereo 32 ohm

Frequency Range:

FM 87.50-108 MHz
AM 520-1710 kHz
TV 2-13 CH

The Power Switch Debacle

The power switch is the ultimate in poor design, how I hate the power switch. It took me
quite a while to turn the radio on and it takes even longer to turn it off. It is a very
aggravating little button on the top of the radio that does not function properly at all.

It is suppose to work just by lightly pressing on the button but it isn't that easy, I've
finally concluded that it comes on when the mood strikes it. I've tried sliding, pressing,
lightly, firmly,
it doesn't matter I get the same result, frustration. One night I charged my
batteries and put them in the radio so it would be ready for work in the morning and
somehow during the night the power came on and drained most of my battery strength.

This is a major flaw in the design of the Sangean DT-210V and I hope the manufacturer
will correct it in future models. Thank goodness for the lock switch, always use the lock
switch so the radio does not come on by itself it will save you battery life, take my word
for it. The power switch is very quirky, when you want it to come on quickly it won't and when you don't want it to it does.

My Recommendation

If you are in a similar situation that I have encountered at work this little radio comes in
quite handy. I will recommend it but I will not give it my highest recommendation
because of that damn power switch.

I do enjoy hearing my music now while I'm working, it helps to keep me relaxed in a
high paced, high volume pharmacy and keeps me sane. Plus, I did hear House of the Rising
the other day and that sure does beat Smash Mouth muzak and hearing the phone
repeatedly say in that computer generated sing song voice, one pharmacy call, one doctor call,
one drive-up call,
over and over all day long.

I haven't enjoyed a small radio like this since I had my little Valiant 6 transistor all those years
ago. I'd say it was money well spent.

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