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Great deal on a great whisky

Jul 13, 2000
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Pros:Price, taste, availability

Cons:image of being a cheap whisky

Whenever I went to a liquor and had a hankering for a whisky that night, my eyes would see Seagram's 7, but would then continue on, unabated in their puruit of my favorite top-shelf whisky, Crown Royal. You see, although I am not exactly rich, I fancy myself something of a sophisticated, high-end liquor drinker. I tend to prefer quality over quantity (like to get both if I can!), and so I disdained a middle-shelf whisky like Seagram's, which goes for about $10 a bottle. But after visiting and seeing that they actually rated Seagram's 7 as the second best blended whisky in North America, ahead of Crown Royal, I decided to give it a shot (literally).

What I got was a good, high-quality whisky which, although not quite as good as Crown, certainly holds its own and is destined to become my everyday whisky, with the costly imports being reserved for guests or special occasions.

The best description that I can give for Seagram's 7 is that it embodies exactly what whisky should taste like: a warm, woody, carmalized flavor that percolates in your mouth and lingers with a dry, acidic finish that burns pleasantly. There is not outstanding attribute that leaps out at you as with Jameson's incredible smoothness or the complexity of a Glenfiddich. This is just great American whisky the way that it is supposed to taste: great!

Personally, I enjoy both sipping and shooting this whisky. If you shoot it, I say go all the way and make it a Boilermaker, either back it by chugging a whole glass of beer, or drop the whole shot glass in a pint glass of beer and chug them together. This good be the most manly drink of all time, and as an Alpha-male, I highly recommend it for any celebration of masculinity (i.e. bachelor party, birthday party, boxing match, football game). Also, for Heaven's sake, don't be a wus and drink whiskey sours or whiskey and Coke, take it straight or with beer or else go drink a Fuzzy Navel!

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