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BIC DV-62CLR-S Center Speaker

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BIC America is still on top

Feb 19, 2008
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Pros:Excellent sound, bizarrely inexpensive, solid as a rock

Cons:Ain't very pretty, but I don't care

The Bottom Line: With a 7 year warranty and excellent sound, you cannot go wrong with these speakers. Save the "extra" money for additional system upgrades.

I won't try to match the thoroughness of the first reviewer, but I did want to comment about this speaker in my living room setup. Actually it's now called the DV62Si-CLR-S ("slim"?) since they shaved off 4-6" off the original box. It's still a massive box - both in terms of size and weight.

I purchased this center speaker to compliment the DV62Si speakers I have as the main front right and left. They were all bought at the same time and broken in using a mix of TV, DVDs, and music. We tend to listen to Sirius most of the time the TV isn't on, so these have been exposed to lots of material over the last month since setting it all up. None of them have waivered regardless of the material or volume level.

Because the center speaker is the most important in any home theater setting, I started researching centers first. From there I would look at the main speakers to keep the front soundstage matched. I have previous experience with BIC America from when I set up my main home theater in the basement, so I focused on their products early on. I also visited several stores and listened to several other brands. Nothing less than $500 came close to doing what the BICs could do (according to almost all of the reviews I've read about both the DV52Si and DV62Si centers).

So ultimately I placed the order with Amazon and waited a very short time for my DV62Si-CLR-S to arrive. First impressions: OMG, where will I put it?! You can read all the reviews you want, but until it shows up at your house you can't have a good grasp on how big and heavy this thing is. Initially I put it under my new Panasonic plasma TV, but I was concerned about the stability of the TV since its base is even larger than the speaker. So I built a shelf to go above the TV and angled the speaker down at the main listening positions. Studs are your friends when mounting something so heavy, kids.

This center blows away the former tiny "home theater in a box" center from Kenwood. No comparison. But I can compare it favorably to the B&W 602 center I have in the main theater system. Seriously this BIC cost about 1/6th of the B&W and the differences are mainly how deep the BIC can go and maybe a little imaging deficiency. But again, this comparison should be worlds apart and it really isn't. The DV62Si-CLR-S is an amazing deal. Believe the hype.

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Amount Paid (US$): 110

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