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Bose 201 Series V Main / Stereo Speakers

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Bose bookshelf or Home theater speakers

Dec 16, 2007
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Pros:Above average sound output for this class of speaker, proven technology, stronger resale value.

Cons:Maybe lacking some base, but it's what I expected from a 6.5" woofer.

The Bottom Line: Quality sounding, virtually distortion free, $200, what's not to like, or what more could you expect to get out of only a 6.5" woofer?



I'm not an audiophile but wanted a nice pair of speakers to replace my huge old floor speakers from an older Sony stereo system. These Bose 201 V-Series were just what I wanted as part of a Plasma TV and a TV Stand purchase. This was my first Bose product purchase
knowing full well about the company and reputation for over 30 years. I did previously own a factory Bose stereo system that came with a 1985 BMW 318i my wife I had purchased new, it was one of the best car stereos I've ever experienced. So in a nut shell I wanted a small yet powerful speaker package that would meet my expectations, yet compact and kept out of view.


I wanted to downsize the big stereo system and knew I needed some bookshelf speakers that would sound as good as the big Sony's and be able to handle the power my Sony TA-VA601 puts out. While at the Best Buy store and having about 8 sets of bookshelf speakers to listen to, switching back and forth it was becoming obvious these Bose 201 V-Series were chosen. Once I picked them out via sound then price I was relieved they were only $199. This has been a rewarding way for me to buy electronics, picture quality for TV's, sound for stereos and speakers, then I look at the price tag. I was impressed. I also wanted something small enough to fit in to the new TV stand that would be "Stealth Like", these are black but do have a small chrome emblem that's hard to see unless you’re looking.


To me personally they sounded better at home then they did at the store, with their 30 ft ceilings and other ambient
noises it's sometimes difficult to get a true sound from these compared to your own living room. As I'm writing this
review I've got my Comcast (cable) music playing (Americana) in the other room with the stereo cranked 20% and the output sound is just like my previous tower speakers. Even when cranked up louder, they put out just as well as my previous big Sony speakers. What's lacking possibly is a separate subwoofer, but these Bose 201 V-Series can still rattle the walls. I never plan on turning the volume up too high on these to see how they sound because the output of the Sony amp (150 watts RMS per channel) exceeds the maximum input of the Bose 201's (120 watts RMS). As with most other reviews, these 201's received an overall high rating so I didn't hesitate.

With my equalizer in play, I can easily get an optimal sound experience whether I'm listening to a CD, FM music, DVD movies, or whatever, these are performing at or above my expectations. I definitely heard Bose's technological advantage, but if you pull the grill off, all you’re going to see is a basic 2” cone tweeter and a 6.5” woofer, nothing special.


While these are actual stereo bookshelf speakers, they're dual purpose as in my home theater system. Other than the
usage I've chosen them for, these Bose 201 V-Series speakers will suit you well in other useful areas. They are
simply better quality speakers at an affordable price especially if you’re looking to free up some space and don't need too much volume or upset the neighbors, well we haven't yet anyway. It turns out these 201's have been around 20 years and are available in a cherry walnut veneer. Plan on keeping these around a while, they are well constructed and should hold their value too!


• Direct/Reflecting® speaker technology for lifelike, spacious music.
• Flared slot port design. A specially engineered design where woofer and port geometry complement each other to reduce air turbulence.
• Each speaker: • 8"H x 13 3/4"W x 8 5/8"D • (20 x 35 x 22 cm) Pair in carton: • 25.2 lbs. • (11.4 kg)
• Ideal for smaller rooms and can be used in surround sound applications.
• Accessories: FS-01 bookshelf speaker floor stands or WB-3 bookshelf speaker wall brackets.

::WHAT'S IN the BOX?::

There's no speaker wire included so plan on buying some. I'm good to go with 16 gauge for a 3 ft run. What's in the box is a pair of well packaged speakers, self-adhesive rubber feet (Ah oh, I forgot these were in there!) an owners instructional guide, and a registration card.


For as small as these 201 v's are, quality sounding and virtually distortion free, plus costing only around $200, what's not to like, or what more could you expect to get out of only a 6.5" woofer? For those folks who are a little more demanding, all that’s needed is a subwoofer.

For this classification (bookshelf) of speaker, I give these Bose 201 v’s 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 199

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