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Bose Acoustimass 15 Speaker System

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Bose Makes The Best Speakers In The World!

Jun 14, 2001 (Updated Jun 15, 2001)
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Pros:Bose Says It Is The Best In The World!

Cons:Don't Won It

The Bottom Line: Read my 'Verdict'... At The Bottom

This is a story of a naive person:

For quite a while, I was using my home theater hook-up consisting of my Marantz components and Paradigm main speakers. Now, I thought I was happy. I thought I was because I thought that Marantz made the best consumer components and that Paradigm made the best speakers in the price range. Well! I was dead wrong! I saw some Bose ads! They said that they made the best speakers in the world! Well, that finally opened my eyes! I took all of my components and put them where they belonged! I tossed each one into the trash can. First came the Marantz SR-14EX, then the Marantz DV-18, then the Marantz CC-4000OSE, then my crappy Paradigm Monitor11s, then my Paradigm CC-370, and then finally the Boston Acoustics CR-9s that I owned! I then saw them get crushed in the garbage truck! It was the happiest day of my life, because I was finally gonna go to the Bose store and buy myself a system. Before I left, I heard an ad for Aiwa products! I decided that an Aiwa reciever would be by far superior to the Marantz!

So then I finally arrived at the Bose store. Before hand, I bought myself an Aiwa reciever! So, I decided to go with an Acoustimass model from Bose! Obviously they would defeat any speakers that I put them up against! Why? Because they are Bose, and Bose says that they are! Well, the salesperson agreed that they are the best in the world too. I had a friend who told me to try out the M&K 750 THX speaker set for only $700 more. But still, no matter what anyone says, Bose is the best!

So, I ended up buying the Bose Acoustimass 15! I was so excited to finally have the best speakers ever built! I finally got home, and connected the Acoustimass module to my Aiwa reciever! Oh boy! It was so exciting. I then plugged the 'jewel cubes' into the Acoustimass module! It was a breeze! I then bought myself a kickin' Oritron DVD player and popped in the Matrix! I was so excited, that I was about to scream for joy! I wanted to call all of my friends and tell them that I just bought the best speakers in the world! Well, I wanted to watch the DVD first all by myself! But, I called my best friend Bob first! I told him I got the best speakers in the world! He said, "Wow! Did you get the Egglestonworks Ivy for $100,000? If you did! Well...that's just awesome!" I then told him, "No! I got much better! I bought the Bose Acoustimass 15! Those are by far better than the Egglestonworks Ivy! Plus, I only paid a cheap price of $1,299!" He then started to hysterically laugh, for joy I'm guessing, I told him to come by later, and he hung up! I guess I made him really made him excited! He's an audiophile! He's unfortunately stuck with NAD and Rotel components along with the M&K 750 THX system. Well, I'm the lucky one! I have an Aiwa reciever, Oritron DVD, and KLH CD player! A much better improvement over all my Marantz junk.

So, I played the DVD. I first was a little worried. The sound seemed a little muffled and tinny. The vocals were also unclear, it wasn't easy to make out what they were saying. On my grandparents system which costs $1,500 and includes the reciever, the sound is much more powerful and cleaner. So, I called the people at Bose and asked them if there was a problem. They said, "Um... actually the sound is by far superior to every other speaker!" I was relieved, and said thanks. I was also relieved by the Acoustimass module. That shnub booper is a lot quieter than my Velodyne CT-120 that I used to own! The Velodyne shnub booper was so incredibly loud! It also made all of these awful sounds! I asked a friend, and he said that the Velodyne CT-120 went below 20hZ! Well! No wonder it was so loud! Well, thank god the Acoustimass module can only go down to 70hZ! That's a relief! Because when I hear explosion sounds, I can barely hear them at all! Very good to my ears indeed! Who wants realistic and loud explosions anyway!? Wow, those 2.5" paper cone drivers really work wonders! So does that direct reflecting technology! The sound is so much more compact and muffled! So, this is how the best speakers in the world sound! Muffled, dirty, and tinny! Well, if at least Bose says that they are the best, then they sure are!

One day, my rich distant uncle who owns oil fields in the Middle East bought me a pair of Egglestonworks Ivy as a gift! I said, what are you crazy?! I said, "You say those are the best speakers ever built?!" I tried them out, sounded better than live! But Bose says that their speakers sound like live! So, there was no comparison! I then tossed the Egglestonworks Ivy into the dumpster after he left! My grandparents asked me to come over to their house. So I decided to bring my new revolutionary home theater system into their house! They have a hook-up too, here it is:

*Yamaha RX-V596 Reciever
*Yamaha DV-S5350 DVD Player
*Sony HiFi Stereo VCR
*Onkyo DX-C380 CD Player w/ Optical Out
*Sony SS-MF515 Front Speakers
*JBL N-center Center Channel
*Sony SS-MB115 Rear Speakers
*Cerwin-Vega! LW12 12" Powered Subwoofer

This was their system! I bought it for them for about ~$1,500 as a present! Well, I decided to compare my Bose Acoustimass 15 versus their system. Well, I decided to play the action scene in the Matrix where they are going in the lobby of the building! Well, my grandparent's system had much clearer vocals, clearer overall sound, and clean and slammin' bass! Well, my Bose Acoustimass 15 was able to give tinny sound, muffled vocals, and quiet bass! My hook-up was superior! Yay! Because it is the best in the world! Plus, I was able to position and hide those 'jewel cube' speakers. It's cool because the top one swivels. The sound doesn't at all sound natural. My old Paradigm Monitor11s used to sound very natural! But, I'm sure the best speakers don't sound like anything that's natural!

Well! I'm very happy to have my Bose Acoustimass 15! Bose speakers are the best in the world! If Bose says so, then they obviously are! Some people tried to get me to buy bad speakers from terrible brands such as Paradigm, Magnepan, M&K, and Acoustic Research. I tried Acoustic Research! But I don't think that they are putting any research into their products! They sound so different to Bose, which means that they are inferior. It looks like Bose puts all of their research towards their technology, which goes mainly unchanged since 1967! Now that's good stuff! Bose speakers? By far the best in the world! They use their hi-tech paper cone drivers, much better than the inferior composite and titanium drivers you'd find on inferior brands such as Paradigm.

The Verdict:
Okay, the whole story is not real, but I really did check out the Bose Acoustimass 15 and compared it to my grand parent's system. I never threw out my system. I wrote this review just to make people laugh, and there was also something that really made me think. When the Bose Wave Radio first came out, one of my ex-friends bought it. He said Bose made the best speakers in the world. A year later I think, he said, "I think that all people who write flame reviews on Bose speakers are just jealous because they can't afford such excellent equipment." I'll remember that forever. So, I wrote this review for people who think like that. I was thinking that some people would be very ignorant and not read the anti-Bose reviews because they think that we are 'jealous'. So, if I was able to change someone's mind...Then it's worth it.

I will now summarize the Bose Acoustimass 15. I bought it from the Bose store because it had the return policy. I compared it first to my grandparent's home theater system. I listed the specs previously in the review. Their system is technically cheaper than the Bose Acoustimass 15. Their system was able to give clear vocals, clear and strong bass, and simply incredible sound. The Bose Acoustimass 15 was able to give nearly no bass because the Acoustimass module can only go down to 70hZ, the vocals were not natural and not clean, and the sound was just tinny. I then ran it on my Yamaha RX-V995 at home which I consider a 'usual and universal' reciever. Music sounded very weak and tinny. Home theater was not much better. The 2.5" can pump out very little sound. The midrange was severly lacking, the highs were ok, and the lower midrange and bass were incredibly lacking. The Acoustimass module is pathetic, and so are the 'jewel cube' speakers. The sound is just so unclean and tinny. Plus, the direct reflecting technology makes the speakers sound un-natural.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that review and laughed at times. THe whole review was based on sarcasm, but it gave out real information. I also lied, I never used an Aiwa reciever, Oritron DVD player, or KLH CD player. That was just to make the review have more power. This review shows truly how cruel and yet successful the advertising is for Bose speakers. I was representing an idiot who would buy the Bose Acoustimass 15 because he hears only from the ads that the Bose speakers are the best. I hope this opened your eyes to the reality of Bose...The company that will cheat you.

How much is the Bose Acoustimass 15 really worth?: Let's say $200 would still be a major rip-off...


Recommend this product? No

Amount Paid (US$): 1299

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