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Cyber Acoustics CA-3001 Computer Speakers

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If your on a tight budget then this sound system is for you...

Jun 12, 2008
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Pros:Easy set up, Clean highs & base sound, Lighted Volume control, easy setup

Cons:A bit too bulky to be portable

The Bottom Line: This unit has better then expected sound, I tested it on full Orchestra and Rock music as well as DVD movies. For the Price this comes highly recommended!

This review is for Cyber Acoustics 3 Piece Subwoofer Model CA3001 2 speaker sound system for home computer.

Background on my decision to purchase this two speaker sound system :
I originally was looking for something to use with my lap top to compose music while out on lunches our away from home. I did not want something that was too big. I was looking for something that had decent sound for a reasonable price.

First impressions :
I will say that this sound package was better than I had hoped it would be. By better I mean that the base for this is deeper and stronger than expected. The mid tones are decent and even the high treble notes. I was not expecting allot out of this for the less than $20 I paid for it. The design for this 2 speaker system is good. It’s not great but it’s better than you would expect for less than $20.00

Set up comments :
Set up was a cinch. It could not have been easier. The only problem I had with the set up was I wanted to use this unit portably and for that getting it back in the box was a bit of a puzzle. It is a tight fit so if you want to use this portably it will need to be transported in a larger backpack.

Sound Control Volume :
To control the volume there is a blue well lighted knob. The plug for the speakers goes in the headphone jack and you’re up and running. The blue light matches many existing sound systems on the market.

Final comments :
This unit ended up not being practical to transport around. The woofer is a bit too big to drag around. Of course where there is a will there is a way... But in all practicality what I ended up using this for is for my main computer system. What I did was get a nice sound system to use when watching movies or composing music. However when not doing that leaving the other sound system on not only used up too much electricity it heated the room up with its powerful subwoofer that was the size of a 20" CRT monitor, that’s right the size of a large square TV. So what I did is I use the Cyber Acoustics 2 speaker system to do most my work on line for background beep sounds, for downloading waves. As I mentioned it is more than good enough. And you know what? I even find myself using it to compose music sometimes, if I want to do some quick stuff. The sound is certainly good enough for that.

So if you have a nice sound system on your computer this is a great backup sound system. It will save you money if you use it in that way. And it’s good enough to use as a main sound system if you’re on a tight budget. If you pay more you will increase your sound in the mid tone sounds and if you go over $100 you will find the base is much more powerful. A good sub woofer should not overpower the other tones. This unit is well balanced the base does not overpower the treble etc.
You will not find individual treble, base controls in this price range, however they are located on the computer sound controls and can be modified there

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