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Very powerful CD burning software

May 2, 2004 (Updated Dec 1, 2004)
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Pros:Lots of features, easy to use, comes with Click 'n' Edit Sound.

Cons:Can't add special effects to Video CDs.

The Bottom Line: Excellent software package with lots of options for many uses.

I got Click 'n' Burn Pro back when Napster was still viable. Remember way back then? Anyhow, my mom and I had a whole bunch of MP3 files on the computer and the Adaptec E-Z CD Creator program that was already on the computer wouldn't burn them. Also I was starting to dabble in digital video and was considering burning Video CDs since my computer has no DVD recorder drive. Being the only burning software at Best Buy that advertised this capability, Stomp Click 'n' Burn Pro 2.0 was the logical choice.

The basic applications of this software are very easy to use. When you first open it, you get the "Starter" interface, which allows you access to the basic functions of the program. It also has a link to the "Full Application" which gives you access to more advanced features and options. The user interface gives you a nice handy display of information such as how much space is remaining on the disk, how much space each track or file takes up, how long each one is (if it's an audio or video track), the pre-gap for each track, and more. Here's what you can do with this software:

Audio disk: You can compile and burn both .WAV and .MP3 files, and the resulting disk should be playable on most CD players. The file finder makes it a snap to find the files on your hard drive and add them to the list. You can set the amount of pre-gap you want before each track, and you can insert CD text if your recorder supports it. It has an option to run a test before it does the actual recording, so you can catch problems like buffer underrun (the drive writes faster than the hard disk can supply the data) and alter the record speed to fix it. There is really no good reason to turn this off. I have burned many audio disks with this function and they have all worked on every CD player I own, including the one in the Sony MHC-2750 stereo system from 1992. The only player that has trouble with them is the one in my dad's '94 Dodge minivan, which often takes several tries before it can read the disk.

Data disk: As with audio disk, the file finder tool makes it a snap to find and add the files you want. You can add either individual files or whole folders to the disk. I use this function to compile photo album disks of the many .JPG digital photos on the computer.

Disk copy: If your computer has more than one CD-ROM drive (which mine does), you can duplicate a disk in its entirety. Handy for making copies of those photo or video CDs for family and friends.

DJ Burn: This is pretty cool. You can burn .WAV or .MP3 files, just like in Audio disk mode, but you burn each track individually, and can add more at any time until you finalize the disk. Also, you can use your CD burner like a cassette tape recorder, recording live sound from the microphone input or line input of your sound card. You can also use this to copy individual tracks from one CD to another, handy if you don't want to duplicate the entire disk.

Video CD: This allows you to burn MPEG-1 video files to a CD, handy if you don't have a DVD burner. The video quality is about on par with a VHS tape, but with some pixellization that makes it a little unpleasant to watch. The audio quality is as good as a normal audio CD. The drawback with burning video CDs in Click 'n' Burn, I've found, is that you can't spiff up your video with transitions, effects, titles, or disk menus. I now do all my video CD burning in the video editing software of Pinnacle Studio Moviebox USB, which allows you to edit and spiff up the video, then burn it inside Studio. At the time I got Click 'n' Burn I thought I would need this feature to burn my edited video, not knowing that the video editing program itself could do the burning.

DLA disk: I've never used this. The premise is that you can format a data CD so that it can be used for data storage and retrieval just like a floppy disk. Might come in handy someday.

Click 'n' Burn also comes with a neat little bonus software package called Click 'n' Edit Sound LE. This is an incredible program that turns your computer into a powerful audio editing and mixing studio. It allows you to record sound to your hard disk from the sound card's line input or microphone input, or extract tracks directly from a CD. You can then save these tracks in many different formats, including .WAV, .MP3, .dgs, raw PCM, and others. You can also save in many different quality levels, from CD quality (44.1 KHz 16-bit stereo) to dictation (11 KHz 8-bit mono) with many variations in between. You can edit these sound files by simple cut-and-paste, by adding fades and other effects, by tinkering with the volume of each individual channel, even by mixing them with another sound source. You can do voice-overs or karaoke, or add music to a narration track. Then if you save the files in CD quality, you can use Click 'n' Burn to record them to CD. I have used this method to copy my family's cassettes and LP records onto the computer and burn them to CD.

These two programs, working together with the right hardware, can turn your PC into a high-end, multitrack mixing studio for just about any kind of audio recording application imaginable.

The system requirements for Stomp Click 'n' Burn Pro 2.0 are:

>166 MHz or faster processor

>32 MB RAM

>Minimum 50 MB free hard disk space

>CD-R/RW drive

>Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 or NT 4.0

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