Thane Q - Portable BBQ Grill

Oct 5, 2004
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Pros:Lightweight, portable, very high tech looking, clean up was pretty easy.

Cons:Control markings are not reliable/flame is not adjustable. Cooking area quite small.

The Bottom Line: The grill did what I expected it to do. I would recommend it.

I purchased the Thane Q portable BBQ grill after seeing the infomercial on television. I thought it would be nice to take on picnics and such. I also purchased the deluxe package which included griddle type grills for grilling sandwiches, pancakes, etc., extra foil liners and a backpack for carrying the grill. It is lightweight, easy to carry and doesn't take up much room. It's tabletop size so you can set it on a table, your tailgate, or set it on the ground like a hibachi.

Now for my review. I've used the grill once so far. It uses the small propane bottles for fuel. It's a little tricky getting the bottle in there because you can't see where you are screwing it in. But, I was patient and got the bottle screwed in there without any leakage problems. The scissor type legs on the grill are a bit flimsy, but the grill feels sturdy once it's set up. The markings on the control knobs do not correspond to the markings on the grill. You just have to know that all the way to the right is off and all the way to the left is the highest setting. It's seems to only have two adjustments. Low and high. Nothing in between. The flame is right under the grill plates so you really have to cook on low or you will burn your food before it's done in the middle. There is a light in a dome in the center of the unit so you can see better if it gets dark out while you are grilling. It looks really cool when lit, but mine works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. It's like it has a mind of it's own. There are usually just two or three of us eating when we BBQ so for us, the cooking space was adequate. We cooked two steaks that were about an inch thick. It cooked them fine, although we did figure out that we had to cook them on the low setting to keep them from burning before they were done enough for us. Clean up was very quick and easy. We washed the grills in soapy water, threw away the foil liners, wiped off the grill and it was done.

I think it worked very well for us overall.

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