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Time Crisis 3 (Sony PlayStation 2, 2003)

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Time Crisis 3: Total Awesome'ness

Mar 21, 2004 (Updated Mar 21, 2004)
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Pros:Great story line, fast-paced shooting game! Great excitement!

Cons:Clustered 2 players mode, bad for player with small T.V.

The Bottom Line: Time Crisis 3 have great graphics, good sounds, and is a very fun game to enjoy!

The Story Line:

The story line and plotting of Time Crisis is awesome! It is like a Steven King's Novel! It is like a book in a video game. The story really adds an intense feeling to the game for me.

Story: One day in the Mediterranean, the island of Astigos was invaded by the Zargorian Army. The Zargorian Army was lead by General Giorgio Zott. The Zargorian has planned to invade other countries as well. In doing so, they made Astigos their main home base.

The VSSE Iternation Intelligence Agency found out this master plot of the Zargorian Army. The VSSE sent in some of their best agents; Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert to take care of the ordeal.

The game begins with this lead. You can choose either Alan or Wesley. You have to infiltrate the base in Astigos and stop Giorgio Zott from carrying out his plot to invade neighboring countries. The fate and lives of other will be in your hands.

Doesn’t that story line just want to make you buy the game?

Game Play:

The game play it pretty straight forward of you have a GunCon 2 controller. Pointing the controller at the screen and firing seems simple enough! The GunCon 2 really add some tension to the game. It gives you the opportunity to hold a gun [controller] and firing at the screen!

I wouldn't recommend playing this game with analog! Why not with analog? Analog make the game harder because with the GunCon2 you can move the aim laser quickly. Analog take a little while longer then the GunCon. With analog you need to click a button to fire, and GunCon 2 controller actually allows you to pull a trigger!

Graphic Review:

Time Crisis 3 is a visual masterpiece. For each level you travel to many exotic locations, which are beautifully decorated. The blue skies, mountains, enemy troopers, and many more objects are very well rendered. The weapons are very realistic. That is a plus for me because I hate games with guns that shoot out electric or plasma.

I rate Time Crisis 3's graphics a 9/10. Why a nine and not a 10? Well, if you compare Time Crisis 3 to other PlayStation 2 games, Time Crisis 3's graphics are a bit off. They’re graphics are great, but it is still missing something. And, right now, I can't put my finger on it.

Update: After looking it over, the only negative thing I found out about Time Crisis' graphics is that every enemy troops wear the same basic costume! Wouldn't it be awesome if they have a variety of other costume?

Sounds in Time Crisis 3 are not terrible, nor it is very good. Some of the sounds that can be found in Time Crisis 3 are gunfire, helicopters, explosion and many action sounds!

Cool Feature that I like!:

I mention this before but I got to mention it again! Time Crisis 3 allow you to use GunCon 2! It takes your shooting experience fear and beyond a remote control!

The two player mode is awesome! I love playing with a friend or my dad! My dad is quite a Time Crisis 3 fan! With two player mode, we play for hours and spending "quality" time together saving the world. The only problem I had with the two player mode is having a small T.V. side. It is extremely difficult to play two player mode on a small screen. The players are two close and clustered together, which kind of mess up the graphics.


Time Crisis is a fast-paced shooting game. It delivers high quality shooting action with great excitement. Time Crisis 3 is not the RPG's type of game, because it does not let the main character explore the land itself.

I would highly recommend you to buy the GunCon 2 controller to really enjoy the game. I would also not recommend it to kids but rather teenagers. There are some blood and violent in this game, but teenagers should be able to handle it.

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