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Toastmaster TSM2SAN Sandwich Maker

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Jun 16, 2010
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Pros:Makes not hot sandwiches quickly and neatly

Cons:Sometimes food will stick to cooking surface.

The Bottom Line: Makes a nice graduation gift or father's day present!

Many moons ago, when I was back in college, I used to have one of these sandwich makers.  It was a big fad in college back then!  Hot sandwiches and Oodles of Noodles!  (And cold beer!)  Speed forward a few years after then, soon after getting married, my wife saw no purpose in her kitchen for a sandwich maker (eh?!).  I had surrendered my chef's apron and hat to her since she insisted the kitchen is her domain.  Oh well.  I sold the sandwich maker on ebay and I was surprised to get back slightly more than I paid for the unit...and it was well used!  Ah the good ole days!

Today, I have three beautiful children!  My wife is enjoying both being a mom and working at the same time.  We recently agreed for me to pick up the children from school once each week and make dinner for them.  They are getting about as tired of eating macaroni and cheese each week as I am making it.  I decided to get another sandwich maker to diversify meals a bit.

The Toastmaster TSM2SAN Sandwich Maker is almost exactly like the one I had back in college!  Not much has changed in the sandwich maker design area in the past few decades!  Even the price is about the same as I paid back then!

This is an electric appliance.  It is super easy to use.  You simply butter the cooking surface, place two slices of bread down on top of the bottom cooking area (for two sandwiches).  Then put cheese - or whatever you want to add to your sandwich - on top of the piece of bread.  Then cover that filling with another piece of bread and pull the top cooking surface down tightly over the sandwich.  Turn the power on and wait a few minutes.  You can tell that the sandwich is done when you start to smell the melted cheese (usually about 3 minutes and 15 seconds). 

Next, open the unit up again and viola!  Two nice, hot, buttered, toasted sandwiches!  There are grooves embedded in the cooking area that make a triangle depression in the sandwich.  I rip the sandwiches in half along these depressions.  That is all there is to it! Note:  Be careful!  The cooking surfaces stay hot when you remove the sandwiches!

Clean-up is pretty easy.  After the cooking surface cools, simply wipe off the cooking area with a wet sponge and dry it with a towel.  The cooking surface has a teflon coating, so it pretty easy to keep clean (just don't scratch it!).  I will admit though, that sometimes food will stick to the cooking surface, if the surface is not first coated with butter.  The Teflon coating does not seem to work all that well.

The body of the unit is made of plastic.  The cooking area is Teflon coated cast steel.  It has a durable power cord attached to it.   It also has four little rubber feet to keep the unit from sliding around.  Inside, when the power is switched on, a coil heats up and heats the cooking surface.  The plastic handles are heat and electric insulated to keep the user from getting burned. 

Sandwich maker?  Huh!  Only a rookie would stop there!  I have made some very interesting and creative meals with this machine!  It makes great scrambled egg omelets!  Simply scramble up eggs, add onions, cheese, mushrooms, spinach - or whatever you like!  (I'm not a meat eater, but you can add that too if you'd like).   Yummy! 

You want even more?  No problem!  French toast!  Hot pockets! Biscuits!  Pancakes!  Cookies!  I keep playing around with my sandwich maker and find many creative ways to cook things up on it.  It is a lot of fun!  Most things cook up fine.

I've seen other sandwich makers for sale that have variable heat controls, indicator lights, and other safety controls.  However, I find I really don't need all of that stuff.  I think of my toaster, which has all of those controls.  I simply leave the control set to one setting all the time and never change it.  Besides, how would the machine know what you are cooking and how long to keep the machine turned on?  When cooking, it is the cook's responsibility to watch what he or she is cooking - and learn how to use the cooking tools! 

This unit is super inexpensive.  I got mine for $11 and change at Walmart.  I have used it several dozens of times already.  My children love the sandwiches I make, and stare at the machine in anticipation whenever I cook up something special for them.  In fact, whenever I make something on it for them, they chant out:  "Daddy's making something special!"  It is sweet music to my ears! 

Another plus about this machine is I can get my children to eat healthy stuff!  I sneak in some chopped up veggies in their food and they think it tastes yummy!  It smells so good when cooking up too!

I would highly recommend this sandwich maker.  It may not be the best one on the market (and I did not really do too much comparison shopping).  Toastmaster is a reputable company that makes consistently good products.  If it did not work out, heck, I would have brought it back to Walmart for a refund!  Thanks for reading my review and best wishes for a nice day!


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