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Good High-end SVHS VCR

Aug 1, 2005 (Updated Aug 6, 2005)
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Pros:Awesome picture quality. DNR works great.

Cons:It may be the last VCR manufactured, that's good enough for archiving your tapes.

The Bottom Line: The ONLY VCR still being made today, good enough to use for archiving your VCR tapes. Buy it before it's too late. Probably the last VCR, JVC will make.

NOTE: If you see this review on any other site besides EPINIONS, then that site stole my review. There are a lot of other websites stealing E P I N I O N S reviews as their own.

I do agree with some things, that the previous reviewer said. But I do think the previous reviewer had a defective unit, or just a BAD CAPTURE DEVICE on his PC. He should've contacted the store he bought it from, to have it immediately replaced. Why on Earth did he use a local repair-man or open it up voiding warranty? LOL! No other manufacturer makes high-end VCR's anymore. This will probably be your last chance to grab a good VCR, to start archiving your tapes. The cheap VCR's you see in retail stores for less than $200 will not cut it. They don't clean up the picture as well as this JVC VCR. This VCR makes a difference. I have heard that the previous JVC models (9800), are even better made. Better outer-shell and heavier. But the problem is, you can't find them new anymore, only on Ebay used. I would not buy a VCR that has had hours of use. Tape heads wear out over time. So this JVC 9911 is the only option available today.

NOTE: Get a GOOD CAPTURE DEVICE, on your PC to go along with this VCR. Cheap capture cards will not look good. Get something like a Canopus ADVC-100. This also makes a difference in providing the best picture, for archiving your tapes. Your family tapes are your MEMORIES! Get good equipment the first time, to archive them! You won't regret it!

1) JVC installed magnets on both sides of the tape slot, to hold up the plastic door. Magnets are just a dumb design. They are small and probably won't do anything to your tapes. But it's still a dumb design. Just be cafeful not to rub your tapes up against them.

2) Outer-shell construction is flimsy. It is made out of metal, except for the front face. But the metal is thin, and the whole VCR is light-weight. But not as light-weight as those cheap Walmart VCR's.

3) Time-Base Corrector(TBC): It is not a "full-frame" TBC. It is only a "line" TBC, that only corrects small errors.

4) The "Jog Dial" on front of the VCR is a joke. It works, but does not look high-end and professional, like previous older model JVC's. It is only a small round circle.

1) Great picture playback compared to any other VCR being made today. This VCR has a 4MB frame buffer, which digitizes each frame of video. You can select different settings (AUTO/SOFT/SHARP/EDIT), to clean up your tapes. Usually AUTO is the best setting, as this cleans up the jitter, and smooths out the video in your tapes.

2) Turn on Digital R3, to gently sharpen the video.

3) Video Calibration: This option calibrates the vcr to each specific tape, making the image rock-solid.

4) Digital Noise Reduction: There is a button on the front of the VCR that enables this option. Maybe the previous reviewer had it off? Anyway, this makes a night-and-day difference in the quality of the video. It cleans up the video, making it look stable and nice.

5) Great Sound: Sound is great, not muffled. I hooked it up to my high-end pioneer receiver.

6) Remote is good and very large. It has a dial on it for editing/review just like the VCR.

NOTE: If you see this review on any other site besides EPINIONS, then that site stole my review. There are a lot of other websites stealing E-P-I-N-I-O-N-S reviews as their own.

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