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Wahl 7367-500 Rechargeable Men's Electric Shaver

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Great Shaver!

Nov 29, 2003 (Updated Nov 30, 2003)
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Pros:3 different foils, it does worth the money, does a good job.


The Bottom Line: I recommend this shaver because it does a very good job, comes with 3 foils, 2 years warranty (including free one time replacement of battery, head, foil)

I have been using this cordless shaver for a year now and I am very satisfied with it. My previous shaver was a Braun Micron (corded) that lasted for 20(!) years, so that is the ONLY shaver I can compare my new WAHL 5000 to.

Here I have to add one info: I shave every other day, sometimes I do skip even 2 days, so figure the durability of these shavers considering this. I also have strong facial hair, just as strong as my hair.

Comparing my old BRAUN Micron and my new WAHL 5000: they both do a fine job, I don't see any difference in the end result.

Despite of my strong facial hair, I do have sensitive skin and have a tendency for ingrown hair, this is why decided to use electric shaver instead of razor almost 30 years ago.

Initially I WAS looking for a good corded shaver, so that it will last for another 20 years, but I couldn't found any.

(I didn't want to worry about the replacement of the rechargeable battery every once in a while and who knows if the particular battery that my shaver needs will be around in 10-15-20 years later.)

Since I've been using my WAHL 5000 I realized, that it being cordless has its advantages as well.:)

I am not tied to any wall outlet to do my shaving when I am home and I can also shave while I am sitting in my car.

So, I made peace with the thought, that my next shaver might not last for 20 years (since it will not work with a dead rechargeable battery inside) and looked for a shaver from a reputable manufacturer that has been around for a long time. (WAHL exists since 1919.)

A year ago I picked this shaver based on reviews on another opinion board (I forgot the name of it). In choosing this model it was an important factor that it comes with three interchangeable foils: Close, Superclose, Sensitive.

(I figured, that the choice of three different foils will greatly reduce the chances for not finding it suitable for my needs and it turned out that I was right about this.)

I tried all three of them and decided by the "Close".
("Superclose" did slightly closer shave, but it also caused redness on my skin after I finished shaving with it.)

One charge lasts for 3-4 complete shavings, I do take my time when I am shaving, I never measured how much, but my guess is minimum 5 minutes.

The WAHL 5000 shaver can not be used from cord if the battery is low. But this is not a problem for me at all because it takes only 30 minutes to recharge it fully but after only 5 minutes charge it has enough juice in it for at least one complete shaving.

The shaver itself fits comfortably in my palm, feels "heavy" and sturdy therefore it gives me the feeling of holding a durable, made from good material, lasting shaver in my hand.

The WAHL 5000 shaver requires basically no maintenance or any special cleaning procedure other than removing the head after each shaving and blowing the hair residue out of the foil and off the head.

(Once I read the cleaning instructions of a WET-DRY shaver and it scared the hell out of me.:) This is the MAIN reason why I wasn't even considering a WET-DRY shaver at the first place.

The case, that it came with is a soft leather one, that can only accommodate the shaver itself. (no place in it for the cord) It does look a little flimsy, but it was not an important factor when I picked this shaver.

I was told by WAHL customer service that if I send my WAHL 5000 to their repair center before the 2nd year of warranty expires, they will replace the rechargeable battery, the foil and the head for no charge. I think, this is great.

I paid about $50-$60 for it at SEARS, I do feel that I DID get my money worth.

P.s.: Just a note: Writing an opinion about a shaver on eopinions.com required me to answer a few questions about the battery.
Since this is my very first rechargeable shaver AND I am not a professional shaver tester, I don't think I am qualified to give objective opinion about the battery, since how would I know what is "average" for example?

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 60
Noise Level: More quiet than most

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