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Apr 3, 2006 (Updated Apr 3, 2006)
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Pros:Great grilling, maximum portability

Cons:Gas capacity

The Bottom Line: Great for grillers on the go!

I'm a long time Weber Grill owner, I have a used the Weber Charcoal kettle for years, and in my opinion you can't do better, but charcoal doesn't travel as well as gas. When on the occasional picnic, I'm not usually grilling any grilling masterpieces, just burgers, dogs, and chicken so for me using gas is just fine. Not that the Weber Q couldn't be used for more that burgers and dogs.

It was the Weber name that drew me to the "Q" grill. As a long-time Weber owner, I knew the quality of their products and the "Q" is no exception. The entire grill is very well made, sturdy construction and great quality components. At the time that I bought there were only two choices small and large, I bought the larger one as it had the fold out shelves. I also purchased the grill stand so I can use it at home in a pinch.

What I Like
First the way this grill folds up and stores is great. We have toted this grill to the park, beach, and other family activities where an extra grill was needed. It weighs (and I'm guessing) about 30 lbs and takes up about 4 cubic ft.

Second the grill itself (or the cooking grate if you prefer) It's cast iron and very heavy. As a charcoal griller, I know the secret to good grilling is heat and not flame. So the cast iron grill heats up while the flame is set to HIGH, and then when I actually cook I bring the heat down to medium and let the hot grill/grate cook the food. FYI the gill is big enough to cook about 12 1/4 pound burgers. The grill cooks very well, heat seems to be evenly distributed, and I have not encountered any "Hot-Spots".

Lastly, and this is a bit petty, but the cooking grill/grate makes great grill marks on your food which makes even the amateur look professional to any spectators.

What I Don't Like
There is not much I don't like about this grill except the gas bottle size. You are limited to the small "torch" size gas bottles. This is great for travel, but not so good for at home as you run through the bottles much more quickly. As for the portable part, Weber should have realized that most other propane camp appliance use the larger "camp" sized bottles. So if you're a camper you'll need to bring both kinds, especially the smaller ones for the "Q" as they may not be available at typical campground stores.

Overall I must say for a smaller portable gas grill you can't beat this grill. It is not like other more typical portable grills. The Weber Q is built ROCK SOLID and has the fold-out prep shelves found on most full size grills and although I've been using the term small grill, it probably is more medium sized. It also cleans up very nicely and has a drip pan built in that hold disposable trays.

While I wouldn't use this for my primary grill due to it's size, and gas capacity, I definitely recommend it for any person with limited space or need for portability.

In Closing
Don't dismiss this high-end grill due to it's size or price point, it's definitely worth a look. While you're at it, there are two accessories I'd recommend. First the folding grill stand which allows you to use it like a regular grill vs. a table top. You can also strap this grill to the rack (straps included) and use tow the grill and rack behind you on the wheels that are on the rack. Weber designed the grill for convenience and portability, the same considerations went into the rack.

If your looking for portability and protective storage there is also a canvas bag that stores the grill when not in use and has "roller blade" wheels on one side to easily move the grill from the car to the beach or where ever. I which the folding rack fit into this bag, but it does not.

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