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Jun 8, 2007
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Pros:Cooks fast like the big boys. Food turns out great! Portable. Cart assembly included.

Cons:If you hate cleaning, this grill may not be for you. Fussy starter.

The Bottom Line: Great for small families requiring a large grilling surface and to those who want portability as well.

I picked up the largest model, the 300, and I love it. The grill itself is already set to go sans the propane tank, but the cart assembly is a bit of a pain to put together. Once it is finished, it looks really nice! You may want to pick up the grill cover. It is worth the investment.

Build quality

The grill itself is heavy and well designed and constructed. The two grilling surface is of top quality, though I wish the spacing wasn't so close together. To my knowledge, there are no alternative grilling surface. The rest of the cart assembly is made out of durable plastic and metal. I feared that the side plastic trays would be flimsy, but was pleasantly surprised that it was really durable.

Fire it up!

Once the tank is filled and installed, it is easy to ignite the grill with the push-button ignition. However over time, it becomes more difficult to get the fire started, requiring valve shutdown and retrying after 5 min (as stated on the manual). The trick is to let the gas run for a minute before ignition. But even then it gets a bit difficult.


Once the grill is oiled up and fire is going, it is just a matter of putting food on it. So far the food turns out fantastic. Being a steak lover, I found that grilling steaks vs broiling is the best method. Watch the heat because it does cook rather fast. The large surface area of the 300 model is great for party gatherings and the adjustable dual burners are great for controlling the amount of heat output. The built-in thermometer, though nice, is not that dependable. Use a food thermometer for a more accurate reading. The 21,700 BTU is plenty of heat to cook a lot at one time.


Other than scraping the charred surface of the grilling area and wiping the side trays down, there is nothing much else need cleaning. The outer lid has some texture to it and since it is light colored, you can see it is a dirt magnet. That is when I found the grill cover handy so the lid needs less wiping down. The grilling surface scraping takes quite a while due to the small spacing between each grate. The trick I found was to let the surface cool and the grease to harden. I have to remember to wipe the surface clean or the next grilling session can leave the food tasting like carbon.


While it may sound like I am complaining, the pros really does outweigh the cons. I love this grill and the fact that it is portable is another plus. I do wish Weber offered different grilling surfaces though the cast iron one that it does come in does its job just fine.

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