Western Digital Caviar SE 250 GB,Internal,7200 RPM,3.5" (WD2500JBRTL) Hard Drive Reviews

Western Digital Caviar SE 250 GB,Internal,7200 RPM,3.5" (WD2500JBRTL) Hard Drive

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This drive holds more data than my brain.

Dec 29, 2001
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Pros:How do I put it- GINORMOUS! Also great bang for the buck with the rebate.

Cons:Tough installation with XP.

The Bottom Line: A touch on the small side, and the installation was a byotch, but a great piece of electronic wizadry.

I remember back in the day, when I bought my first computer and it had 520 MB of hard disk space. More than enough to run Windows 3.1, plus any games and applications I wanted to run.


About 2 years after that, I found myself needing to get more space, so I recall purchasing an enormous 1.2 GB hard drive...for approximately 300 dollars.


What I also remember was wondering just HOW THE HELL I would fill up 1.2 GB of space. I mean, how many freaking Word documents is that? How many porn images?

A lot.

Well, I never did fill it up, seeing as how that was the age before rampant music, movie, and program pirating...but with my new computer, which contained a measley 4.3 GB of space, I had run out of patience.

So like the saying goes, I went big instead of going home. Of course, I only went big because of the amazing deal I got on this hard drive. From a price of 319.99, a manufacturers rebate pushed it down to 200 bucks. All in Canadian funds fer you Amurricans out there.

My mindstate is the same as when I bought my enormous 1.2 GB drive back in the day, but I suspect I won't have much trouble filling this up.

Upon opening the package, I noticed a couple of leaflets. It appeared that my upgrade to Windows XP was well served, as the literature informed me that installation wouldn't require any special programs etc. All I needed to do was power off, mount, and plug in. It said XP would do the rest.


But then everything started crashing and I couldn't even get into Windows.


The culprit? My BIOS. Damn.

So to make a long story short, instead of taking 5 minutes to install, this took me all night. I had to search the net for proper BIOS upgrades, download them, and install them. Which didn't work at first either, because I was being told by the BIOS that my 80 GB hard drive only had 10 GB. So repeat the process 4 or 5 times until I got it right, and you'd have the solution to the problem. Only I was later to find out, that wasn't it completely, because I couldn't get the Ultra-ATA to work, so I just installed it using the IDE cable provided.

Done. Whew.

Glory of glories, 80 GB in full splendor. But now I had to format, which took the duration of a Raptors-Lakers game. That is NOT a con against the drive mind you...just an observation. I mean, 80 GB is a LOT of drive to format.

Performance? Well, spinning at a 7200 RPM, this baby can move. Since I've installed in yesterday, there isn't much on it so far, but it runs super quiet, seems to access everything very quickly, and did I mention it had 80 GB of space?

For those lesser individuals running older versions of Windows, there is a utility floppy disk provided which according to the literature will check BIOS, and install the drive for you. Didn't get to try it, but I'll assume it's easier than what I had to do.

So the final verdict? If you can hook up the rebate, do it. And fast. Just make sure you have your BIOS in order.

If you don't get the rebate...well you have to ask yourself one question- Do you really need the complete library of Jenna Jameson on video?

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