Western Digital Caviar SE 250 GB,Internal,7200 RPM,3.5" (WD2500JBRTL) Hard Drive Reviews

Western Digital Caviar SE 250 GB,Internal,7200 RPM,3.5" (WD2500JBRTL) Hard Drive

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Western digital has come through for me

Jan 18, 2002
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Pros:Speed, size, ease of installation

Cons:Price, maybe, if you don't get a rebate

The Bottom Line: Excellent, amazingly fast drive, even for $200, but an absolute NO brainer at $125 w/rebate.

This was a secondary drive install in my DELL XPSB733r. My DELL came with a measly 20Gig drive, so needless to say, I was running out of space. I'm an avid MP3 downloader, and needed some serious expansion to put everything. I got very lucky by finding an Outpost.com $75 rebate on this drive with a price of $200 normally.($200-75$=$125 Net). I've had the drive installed for about a month now. It has performed flawlessly and the speed is much faster than the original drive my computer came installed with. I purchased a Promise IDE controller for connecting this drive. After reinstalling my games to the new drive, I've noticed a considerable increase in load times. (And yes, it is so noticeable a decrease in load time, that it's shockingly obvious, no BS). Well, there's really not too much you can say about a hard drive. It's not one of those glamourous upgrades like a new vid card or upgraded proc, but it felt pretty nice to me to have quintupled my storage space for only $125!!!!! If you can find a similar deal anywhere, (the Outpost.com deal is expired), I highly recommend the drive. Western digital has been extremely reliable for me. Have a good one. United We Stand.

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The Western Digital (WD2500JBRTL) 250 GB EIDE Hard Drive (Retail Version) is fully compatible with PC systems.The Hard Drive connect by: EIDE for Inte...
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