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Presto 3510 Waffle Maker

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Get your piping hot waffles here, hot off the griddle.

Nov 10, 2010 (Updated Nov 11, 2010)
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Pros:Makes consistent waffles, takes up little cabinet/counter space.  Easy to clean Non-stick surface.

Cons:Vertical storage clip.  Lack of cord storage. Luckily handle wrapped cord can keep griddle together.

The Bottom Line: If you like Belgium waffles, this is not a bad choice.  It has one or two drawbacks.  But in general it serves the intended purpose.

The Background
We had a waffle maker that worked okay for about 5 years.  But we only used it about 1 a month.  Then a few clips that held it together broke. 

Almost in parallel with the failure of our current waffle maker, my wife found a waffle recipe for pumpkin waffles and a recommendation for the presto Flipside waffle maker.  That was quite fortuitous.  We did some quick searching and found one readily available on line.

Details About The Product and Construction
It seems like a pretty solid unit, and we hope that it lasts at least five years.  It has a plastic base, with two griddles that spread apart like wings of a butterfly.  Hence the Flipside logo on the base.  The plastic base contains a timer that can be set to alert you when your waffles are completely cooked.  The timer is adjustable from 1 to 5 minutes in 15 second increments; this is accomplished using a minute button, and/or 15 second button. We find that 2 to 3 minutes works for us.  Now, I suppose you could use the timer on your stove or microwave.  But, it is nice to have this right at the ready, and may save you a few steps back and forth across the kitchen floor to reset it after each waffle.  The funny thing about the timer is that it takes its own separate battery.

The griddles are Teflon coated, and this should technically be called a Belgium waffle maker, since it has deeper pockets.  I personally prefer the "American" style waffles which are thinner and fill more quickly with butter and syrup.  Although, I think the Belgium waffles are much better suited for eating with fruit and whipped cream.

They brag about the ability to store this waffle maker easily on the counter, since the two griddles are hinged, fold up vertically, and are held up with a little latch.  This is a nice thought, but the latch is a difficult to use.  My wife has resorted to wrapping the cord around the two handles to keep it together.  Size-wise, it's about half the size of a simple two slice toaster when stored on the counter.

How Well Does It Work?
To use this, you first must plug it in (there is no on/off switch) and preheat the griddles to their operating temperature.  There is an indicator light on the front panel that will stay illuminated while it is initially heating up.  Once at operating temperature, the light will cycle on and off as the griddles are maintained at temperature. Since the griddles are finished with a non-stick Teflon surface, no butter, or Pam is required.  With the griddle laying horizontal, you pour ~ 1 cup of your favorite waffle batter into one griddle, and fold the other griddle over.  As the batter heats up and cooks, it expands to fill both halves. 

Once the timer beeps, you open the two griddle halves, and lift out the waffle. My wife has experimented with different waffle mixes, and add-ins.  She tried bananas, which didn't work very well, since, in spite of its best effort, the Teflon managed to hang on to any pieces of banana in contact with the griddle.  But walnuts and pecans work very well, and I enjoy those.  She has also experimented with whole grain batter recipes as well as the pumpkin recipe that kicked off this little endeavor in the first place. Now, I'm not a big fan of pumpkin anything (except maybe roasted pumpkin seeds).  But the whole grain waffles are very good.

Clean up is fairly simply because of the non-stick coating.  But you can't submerge this during clean up because of the heating elements.  So you need wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

My Recommendation
We have been very happy with this, and have already made more waffles than we did with the original one that it replaced.  I would be happy to recommend this to my friends and Epinion readers.

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