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Pyrex Smart Essentials Mixing Bowl Set, 8 Piece - 1086053

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Pyrex : Great Storage and Serving Bowls, NOT Mixing!

Dec 22, 2011
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Pros:Great for storage and serving, strong and sturdy and durable

Cons:Horrible mixing bowls and that was their intent

The Bottom Line: Pyrex Mixing Bowls are horrible for mixing, but fabulous for storing and serving!

A couple of years ago as a Christmas gift my brother gave me what seemed to be an odd gift for his late-20’s, non-baking, unmarried sister: a Pyrex 8pc Glass Mixing Bowl Set. In the large Pyrex cardboard box were four various sized bowls and four tops, each a different color. One top was green, labeled ‘1qt’ in a slight shading difference as to not be really obvious with the volume capacity. There were also orange 1.5qt, blue 2.5qt, red 4pt. I noticed immediately that everything was packed safe and secure with the bowls stacked inside each other, clear thick glass with cardboard separators. I unpacked everything rinsed them out, and wondered when I would get to use them.

Next opportunity I had to mix and create, out came my Pyrex mixing bowls! I used the 2.5qt to mix a batter, and also tried a cold salad prep as well. My impression after a few uses was that these bowls were too wide, despite the sizes, and not deep enough to mix in. Batter would splatter, I’d wince at the sound of a hand mixer or spoon even scraping against the (later obviously impenetrable) glass, and the bottoms would slide around my counter if I didn’t have a firm grip on the bowl. Also, what were the tops for if all I was doing was mixing?!? Holding a heavy glass bowl with both hands wasn’t ideal for pouring cakes and brownies and dressings to their intended destination, and the bowls became a hindrance. When my time for wedding registering came around, I added a set of deep, rubber bottomed, plastic bowls with spouts and grips and quickly retired my Pyrex ‘mixing’ bowls from their intended responsibility.

That’s not to say that they haven’t been loved, and useful, since I received them. I have used these regularly for storage and serving. The 4qt is ideal for homemade chili and soup (especially because my Batali Dutch Oven is 4qt, so I know it’ll fit perfect!) and also for large batches of pasta salad, as is the 2.5qt. The smaller ones are great for dips, puddings and side dishes that are leftovers. They’re strong, sturdy glass with hearty, solid plastic covers that snap securely into place with little fuss; I never worry about stacking on a covered bowl with the Pryex dishes! The fact that they’re wide and shallow, spreading the volume out instead of up, makes them excellent for slipping into spots in the fridge. The glass makes it easy to see what’s in which, and they clean incredibly easily by hand. They are a bit on the heavy side, but all of my larger well-topped bowls are glass so they are almost my choice when bringing pasta salads or chili as a guest because I don’t have to worry about a spill or leak.

One of the great things about using the glassware to store my savories is that you can’t tell what I had in there yesterday-unlike my plasticware, garlic, spices and dips don’t linger in these bowls once they’ve been emptied and cleaned out. They’re dishwasher safe and store as they were originally packed, stacked carefully in each other with the tops all loose above them.

There’s no real need for the various colors on this 8pc set of Pyrex bowls, but it does add to the attractiveness. I enjoy having the four different sizes, and although will never mix in them again, continue to use the bowls on a weekly basis!

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I received these as a gift, but they seem to run about $30 and I think that they are well worth it!

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