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Quartet Standard Dry-erase Board - Qrts573

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Big Dry-Erase Board for Easy Planning and Presentation

Mar 23, 2012 (Updated Mar 23, 2012)
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Pros:Large, easy to use

Cons:Non magnetic, expensive

The Bottom Line: For old school planning and presentation, a great big white dry erase board is more fun to use than a computer, and easier too.

Computers are wonderful, but for some things, I like to just have a big board to put my To-Do list on. Since my list changes frequently, the easiest way to have a big visual To do list is a big Dry Erase board.

I use it in my office to keep a big picture of what needs to be done on a variety of project and my progress on each.  There is something satisfying about writing the projects in magic markers and then erasing them when they are done!

Quartet Dry-Erase Board - 36" x 48"

I had a small dry erase board which I keep my basic to do list in plain site, but I wanted a big board to keep track of active projects.  My local Staples Office Supply store had this, the Quartet Dry Erase Board with a wooden frame. It is 3 feet by 4 feet, so it is large enough to put a lot of information on. It just fit in the back seat of my car, if I had gotten a board any bigger, I would have had problems getting it home.

This particular one is about $50.00, for some reason dry erase boards are something that just aren't very cheap.  This particular board is NOT magnetic, so if you use your dry erase board for posting notes with magnets, you need a more expensive magnetic dry erase board. (My smaller 2 x 3 board is magnetic).  It has a wooden frame and a huge easy to use bright white surface on which I can write out my projects and erase them as need be.

My only complaint is that the marker shelf runs along the board horizontally, but if you want to use the board vertically, there is no spot on the board to hold your dry erase markers.

The board is easy to write on, and easy to erase.  I use it to keep track of ongoing open projects, and I like to see them at a glance when I come into my office, it gives me a visual reminder that a computer just doesn't.  From a visceral feeling, it is more fun to erase a finished project or to draw through it with a marker than doing the same thing by deleting or using line through on a computer.


If you are someone that likes their to do list on something visual without logging into their computer, or perhaps wants a board for visual presentations, this large Dry Erase Board may be just what you are looking for. It won't crash, the markers won't fail to load, and you don't need to plug it in. Just write your info with dry erase markers, and erase when done!    Planning and Presentation - Old school! No computer required.   I gave this 4 stars.

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