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Rage (Anarchy Edition) (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2011)

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iD is back with their beautifully polished game RAGE

Mar 6, 2012
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Pros:Gorgeous graphics, well developed world, sleak and smooth FPS experience.

Cons:Not enough side missions and exploring of what they created.

The Bottom Line:  For Fans of FPS style games that want something a little more RAGE is that game.

Its been awhile since gamers have enjoyed iDs revolutionary introduction to games back in the 90s.  Most gamers today have no doubt either heard of DOOM or Quake or have played through it.   Being a gamer most of my life I was excited to hear that iD was releasing a fresh new world and story line for the gamer masses.   Then you add in that Bethseda is joined in with them, just wow.  After nearly five years of development and my joy of finding it new for 20 dollars, and over 20 hours play time logged,  I can already tell you, I love this game.

RAGE starts you out years after a Meteor decimates earth.  You're an Ark soldier who guards information on how to restart the planet.  Feltrite from the meteor has affected living things on Earth.  When you awake in this new brutal world you instantly get a taste of the dangers you're about to face.   This clearly isn't the world of old.   Instantly the gamer is thrust into this situation and you feel like you're genuinely experiencing a new world.  The first character you meet is named Dan Hagar, and once you realize that when he's talking to you, that, that is the voice of John Goodman.  I couldn't help but get excited, and it is well deserved.

The game teaches you how to play through the story line as it gradually introduces you to the features you will ultimately need to know to survive the hostile environment you're in.  It isn't exactly a tutorial, so it really doesn't feel like you're wasting time trying to get into the game, and you can even skip most of what the game is telling you, which is really nice if you plan on different play throughs.  The voice acting is top notch throughout this entire game, and you'll hear some familiar voices from other titles.  The sound, the graphics, everything are polished to a T.  This game is absolutely gorgeous in terms of scenario and use of light.  iD and Bethseda did an amazing job on their graphics engine and it really shows.  

What iD and Bethseda really did successfully with RAGE is build a world that feels real.  The different clans or gangs have very unique feels to them when you go up against them on different quests.   They all have their own movements, environments, and different ways of trying to take you out.  However it doesn't just end there.  Add in a fair ammount of mini-games, a ton of racing games, and a card game in which you actually can find cards hidden through out the world to play with, you find yourself immersed in a very well fleshed out world.  That isn't to say it doesn't have its flaws.  

RAGE is somewhat open world, but that world is a little limited.  There are only a small ammount of set places that you can travel to and even some of those are locked off to you after you've progressed the story line.  Which means if you're like me and you love achievements, and you miss something (like I did) you'll have to play through again.   What is nice about RAGE is how they approached it differently.  You get vehicles to travel to different quest locations, and can even participate in vehicle combat during these drives.  Some award you cash for taking out a certain ammount of vehicles, etc.    The quest system is fairly straight forward and updates objectives automatically, the mini-map itself will also reflect where you want to go when tracking a certain quest.  The only issue I had with quests overall is that there weren't enough side missions in the game for me to go out exploring this awesome world, and if you want to free explore there isn't an overview map for you to look at.

The combat system is something that differs from other FPS games in that not only does it mix in RPG elements but you can create different weapons, ammo, gadgets, etc along the way to help you.  The targeting feels slightly off and you'll notice it when something is right up on you and you miss with a shotgun, but it isn't enough to be game breaking.   The wing sticks are ultimately my favorite item in the entire game, and when you get to use the advanced wing sticks its even better.  The weapons feel unique in the fact that mostly they're conventional but you have options to make things like shot gun grenade rounds, or mind control darts which overload your target with tiny microcomputers that make them explode.

The story line itself progresses seemlessly as you play along and you control how fast you progress it.  Although once you reach the end you can't help but feel like this just an introduction into a new world they're hoping to continue allowing you to explore and I hope that it is.  RAGE may not be a perfect game but its a very good game.  It manages to establish an entire world and introduce you do it.  I only hope that when they make a new one its gigantic in comparison.

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