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Red Heat (DVD, 2004, Special Edition)

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Red Heat: Cops and Rubles!

Feb 16, 2000 (Updated Oct 26, 2007)
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Pros:Action lovers dream

Cons:Profanity, while fitting the situation, makes it unsuitable for children

The Bottom Line: A really good action thrill ride starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Belushi as an odd couple of cops trying to solve an international crime.

Red Heat (1988)

"This is the 44 Magnum, you know, like 'Dirty Harry,' the most powerful handgun in the world. The big boy on the block" Det. Sgt. Art Ridzik
"Nonsense; the Podbyorin 9.2mm is the most powerful handgun in the world." Capt. Ivan Danko

Director Walter Hill's Red Heat is a tremendous action movie with great dialog and plenty of comic relief.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's heavy accent proves a great asset as he plays a Soviet KGB agent tracking a drug dealer (Ed O'Ross) who killed his partner, from Russia to Chicago, USA. The dealer is well funded and has contacts already set up in America but Arnie is primed for revenge and soon has the perp rooted out.

However, once in Chicago, Arnie is stymied by a bevy of cops trying to maintain the peace and they basically screw up his collar. Arnie is assigned to Chicago cop Jim Belushi, and the fun begins in earnest! Jim, a perpetual screw-up, is on the blacklist with his boss (Peter Boyle). Belushi is tasked with keeping Arnie out of trouble (and out of sight) until proper papers can be gotten to send him on a one way trip back to Russia. Of course, with this pair, trouble is never far away!

The actors get the most out of the script, with chases, shootouts, and car crashes galore. Jim is up to his ears in paperwork filing reports on wrecked cars and dead bodies while Commander Peter Boyle is working on a serious coronary. Dialog is memorable as Jim wisecracks his way through the film. Arnold's apparent difficulty with English provides many opportunities for levity and few miss the mark. The sight gags are hilarious and keep the pace rocking. Larry Fishburne makes an early cameo as a brown-nosing detective sergeant determined to bust Belushi out of HIS police force.

To sum it up, Arnie and Belushi are a pair in the tradition of Stallone and Russell (Tango & Cash), Eastwood and Reynolds (City Heat), or Lancaster and Douglas (Tough Guys). See this film!

This film was the first Hollywood film actually shot on location in Russia, after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The DVD is from Lionsgate and there are special features galore on the Special Edition. The 106 minute film is presented in color and in 1.85:1 theatrical format.

Red Heat is a perennial favorite of mine and I'm sure if you are an action lover, you'll like it too.

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