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Remington IPL6000 Shaving and Hair Removal (74590512175)

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Tired of Shaving? The Remington I-Light Pro Home Hair Removal System Really Works!

Jun 9, 2013 (Updated Jun 9, 2013)
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Pros:Amazing Reduction of hair, cheaper than salon and treats the entire body at home.

Cons:Bulb replacement, Slight Pain and Wand is a little uncomfortable, hand gets tired

The Bottom Line: I love not shaving as often. I love the reduction of hair. Less expensive and easier than going to salon. Less embarrasment as well.

If you are tired of shaving and don't want to pay expensive spa prices for laser hair removal, then the Remington I-Light pro is for you! I bought the Remington I-Light Pro for myself and my husband for Christmas this year. It is now mid-june and I would estimate I have 75 percent less hair growing back.  The hair that is still growing back is very fine and light. The great and amazing news is I have less hair and shave less often! The other good news is I do not suffer from razor burn or in-grown hairs! The other awesome news, is I don't have to make appointments and drive to my doctors offices for treatment...not to mention the embarrassment of having the treatments done in private areas. 

Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal has been available in plastic surgeon, dermatologists and aestheticians offices for the past decade. It is a very popular, succesful and expensive treatment. I personally have done professional laser hair removal on my chin and upper lip in my dermatologists office. It cost me $500.00 for this small area. The treatments were succesful and I wanted to do my entire body, but of course could not afford thousands of dollars to do so. The I-Light pro is a professional laser hair removal system that you use at home at a fraction of the cost.

The Science Behind Laser Hair Removal

The laser uses light energy to go below the skins' surface and heat up the hair follicle to disrupt the growth cycle. Over time and with repeated treatments the hair stops growing back. Laser hair removal works best on people with fair to medium skin and medium to dark hair follicles so that the laser can differentiate between the follicle and the skin. The Remington I-Light pro gives measured wavelengths of light to target the bulb, but not burn the skin. 

Where can You Use The Laser?

You can use the Remington laser anywhere on your body, except for your face. This product does not recommend facial hair removal because the laser is near your eyes. I do have to confess that I have broken the rule, and used the I-light pro on my chin for the few stray hairs that grew back (I wore sunglasses-not sure that was helpful). I have used the i-light pro on every part of my body...and I mean every part... including the brazillian area. My husband has used it on his chest and back. Both of us have seen a significant depreciation of hair re-growth. I have a 75 percent reduction of hair re-growth and my husband has seen about a 35 percent reduction, but he was not been as diligent as me in doing the treatments.

How To Use the Remington I-Light Pro to Remove Hair 

There is a DVD in the box, make sure you watch it first to learn exacly how to use the machine.

First shave the area you want to treat. Make sure the skin is dry and free of lotions.

Turn on your I-light Pro and test a patch of your skin on the light sensor window on the top of the machine. If your skin tests too dark, the machine will not turn on. You will have to return the machine if your skin is too dark. I am of Italian decent and have a golden brown tan and the machine turns on for me.

Back to the instructons. There are five choices of levels of intensity. Start with a level one and move it up to level five if there is minimal pain.

Pick up the hand held wand. Hold if over the skin you will treat, touching the nose of the wand to the skin lightly. Press the button. Move the wand window in a pattern over the area you are treating. When you press the button you will feel a snap on the skin and then there will be a chime that tells you to move the wand a half an inch to treat the next section of skin.

Wait to two weeks and repeat the treatment.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The Remington I-light pro instruction sheet recommends 6 months of treatment. I agree that it will take that many treatments to see results. I am planning on doing treatments for a year. It takes me 45 minutes to treat my whole body. 

Is it Painful?

Generally I feel very little pain in using the laser at the highest level 5 on my legs, underarms, forearms, low back, and tops of my feet. I do feel pain in the bikini area, inner thighs and brazillian area. I turn the I-Light pro down to 3 in those areas. You will feel a little snap or zap when the laser goes off. 

Can You Do the Treatments Yourself?

The Remington I-light is a home laser system and so "Yes!" you can do the treatments by yourself as long as you can reach the area. I treat my husbands' back and he treats the areas I can't reach on myself. 

 Light Bulb Replacement 

One light bulb comes with the machine. The box says it will last 1500 flashes which is enough to treat your entire body 3 times. My first light bulb only lasted 500 flashes and so I called the company and they sent me two replacement bulbs for free. I have purchased 4 more bulbs since then and they have all lasted about 1000 flashes. The light bulbs cost approximately 25.00 and have to be ordered and mailed to you in most cases.

The cost of the bulb replacement is well worth it for me. I have a 75 percent reduction of hair on my entire body and now it is summer-I don't have to worry about stubble! I am very happy. 


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