Requiem for a Dream (DVD, 2001, Unrated)

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You must see this powerful movie!!

Feb 16, 2001
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Pros:Great Acting, Great Directing, Superb Editing, Amazing Imagery, Phenomenal Soundtrack!

Cons:Hard to forget some of the imagery in this film! Not for the squeamish.

The Bottom Line: If you are looking for a movie that actually makes you think and leads to discussion, this movie's for you. It may help you to evaluate your own personal addictions...

I was going with my girlfriend to see "Billy Elliot" and at the last minute decided to see this instead. I didn't know what I was getting myself into.

In the beginning this film seems like your everyday drug addict movie, but then it skyrockets to a world of despair like I've never seen depicted on screen.


Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly, and Marlon Wayans are three heroin addicted friends living day to day to get their fix. They dream of making a big score and cutting it down to sell on the street and live in luxurious comfort.

Ellen Burstyn plays Jared Leto's widowed mother who has an addictive personality of her own. She is fraught with her addictions to television and food. One day gets a phone call from a marketing company stating they want her to appear on her favorite informational TV show. From that point forward she will do whatever it takes to lose those unsightly pounds she has gained in middle age. She dreams of being thin and beautiful and being courted by the shows host.


The tension this movie generates is incomparable to any other movie going experience I have ever had. For those of you that are impatient, if early on you find yourself asking "Why am I here?" don't worry it will all pay off in the end.


This movie has been so well put together it's hard to believe that this is Aronofsky's sophmore effort at feature film making. He uses camera and editing techniques that normally come off nonsensical by lesser directors. The editing itself gives the most realistic visual & aural portrayal of drug use that I have ever seen on film. The acting is great, especially by Ellen Burstyn who received a well deserved Oscar nomination. And finally, the soundtrack play a major part in the film's continually building tension.


After seeing this movie my hands ached from holding on to my seat's arm rests so tightly. I was so wound-up afterward that it was difficult to concentrate on driving home. This movie will definitely give you something to think about and lead to many intense discussion with whoever you see it with.

Lastly, this is not a good date movie unless your relationship is already well established. Unless of course you want to scare off that blind date...


Best Picture
Best Director - Darren Aronofsky
Best Actress - Ellen Burstyn
Best Editing - Jay Rabinowitz
Best Original Score - Clint Mansell w/ Kronos Quartet

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