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Great review!
by mrlarry
I too like Baskin Robbin's. Two stores close to me have closed within the past year. I hope that is not an omen!
Sep 3, 2001
12:51 pm PDT

They're also very good
by Saxguy
For ice-cream cakes.

A few of them have changed their name to "Hershey's". Wonder if that's happening nationally or just in Chicago?
Jun 2, 2001
8:23 pm PDT

re: precious memories
by cntaur5
Having a great scoop of ice cream, from Baskin Robbins is a precious memory for me. It was always a real treat in St. Louis when my father and late mother would take us to Baskin Robbins, so many flavors to choose from, so much fun! I enjoyed reading your opinion.

Keep writing well!
May 28, 2001
7:50 am PDT