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Where a kid can be a kid, and a parent can go broke!

Jul 11, 2000
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Pros:Fun games!

Cons:You'll PAY for them!

When I was in high school, Chuck E. Cheese's was one of the places to hang out. As teenagers, we would not go there to eat necessarily, but to play the games! Games available at Chuck E. Cheese's vary from restaurant to restaurant. The ones I have been to typically have numerous video games, air hockey, flight simulators, ball pits for small children, and small rides for small children.

Chuck E. Cheese's also has mechanical characters that put on shows, as well as costumed characters that wander around the restaurant. Maybe it's just my kids, but until they reached a certain age, they were petrified of both types of Chuck E. Cheese's characters!

As a parent, Chuck E. Cheese's is one of my absolute most dreaded places for my children to want to go! In fact, it's just been recently that my older children are starting to understand the value of a dollar, and understand why I dislike Chuck E. Cheese's so much!

At the Chuck E. Cheese's I have been to, the pizza's have never been that great. For the astronomical rates they charge, the pizza's are always skimpy on the toppings with crust that resembles cardboard! If you want a salad off of the salad bar, it's going to cost you. Drinks with your pizza? That's going to cost you more. Yeah, can find coupon deals. Right now you can go to the Chuck E. Cheese's website( and get a coupon for 28(yes, TWENTY EIGHT, yay..hoo-rah...big WHOOP-DE-DOO) tokens absolutely FREE, with the purchase of a large pizza, of course. You can usually find different deals for 'buy a pizza, and get x-many tokens free', or they have 'family meal deal' specials. But over-all, you are still going to end up paying an arm and a leg!

Once those initial tokens run out, you'll either be shelling out more money for more tokens, or have to sit by and watch your children watch everyone else playing games!

The arcade games at Chuck E. Cheese's can be fun, but again, they get expensive. Last time I went, games took from one to three tokens per game. Most games will give your child 'tickets'. The number of tickets earned depends on the game played, and what the 'ticket payout' is on the particular game. If you get tired of shelling out extra money because your child only needs "Just twenty more tickets!" for that five cent plastic ruler they have just got to have, teach them to be sneaky! Have them find the most 'involved in the game' player at one of the games, and just walk by and swipe the stream of tickets hanging from the game when the player isn't looking! Okay, don't really have your kids do this, but I've had it happen to me<g>.

My recommendation? Save some money! Go to a Discovery Zone Funcenter and pay a set amount for your child to play as much as they want. If they get hungry, pay the extra for the pizza's there! The pizza at DZ isn't much better than the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese's, but at least the kids can play all they want...for one price!

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