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Great Food & Service for Low Cost

Apr 21, 2001
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Pros:Good Food, Good Prices, Good Service

Cons:Seating arrangements.

The Bottom Line: If you like Mexican, this is the place to go, A Great Taste, Atmosphere, and Price. I suggest Everyone try it at least once.

I've been to the local Chuy's twice. My friend mentioned the place after working for a credit card company. A call came in from somewhere on the East Coast, to the office here in Texas where he was working. The person on the other end mentioned they were from San Antonio.

The conversation went from a business call to a short chat about things here and there, and about the person who had moved, they said, "the one thing I miss the most about San Antonio is Chuy's". My friend didnt know what Chuy's was, and he thought it was pretty odd that out of everything someones thing they miss the most would be a resturaunt. The person on the phone told him how good the food was, said it was a great place to eat, and they couldnt find anywhere like it where they had moved.

So about a month later, one night my friend and I decided we needed something to do, and were kind of hungry. So we looked up Chuy's and took off to the northside to give it a try.

The place was a little crowded, the bar was full, there were tables up at the front, but one of us was under 21,
and they sat us in the back of the building, in the farthest corner surrounded by 3 walls, that was the low point of the visit.

We got a friendly waitress who kept checking on us constantly and went to get our drinks. The man beside us, not a small man, had a HUGE plate brought out.. We asked what it was he was eating since we were still studying the menu. He said it was the "Elvis Presly Combo" listed as the Elvis Presley Memorial Combo on the menu. It had a
Beef Tex-Mex Enchilada
Cheese Ranchero Enchilada
Chicken Tomatillo Enchilada
Crispy Taco & Chili Con Queso

You may say, that dosen't sound to large.. Remember Rice Beans and Tortillas come with the meals. Chuy's enchiladas
arent exactly the enchilada you may be used to. Depending on what you order, the tortillas are red, green, blue or white. The tortiallas are fresly made, and oversized on the enchilada. the Enchilada's look more like burritos but arent made with flour tortillas.
A plate like that ran about 8.00 I believe.

They serve everything, like
Soups, Enchiladas, Tacos (Crispy and Soft),
Chalupas, Burritos, Chilli Rellenos,
Enchiladas (Chicken, Beef, Cheese) With Differnt tortillas,
-- 5 types of chili and sauces to go on them,
(Ranchero, Tex-Mex, Green Chili, Tomatillo, Deluxe Tomatillo)
Fajitas, Salads, Margaritas, Beers, Homemade deserts
as well as alot of other menu choices. Or Couse the basics are served with your meal, Rice Beans and Tortillas. This is why I said "Study" the menu.

If you cant find it here and its mexican food, I dont know what your looking for. Chuy's has it all. The service is great and friendly, our waitress was always smiling, and came by frequently even though we were all the way in the back. The decor of the resturant was intresting, one room was modeled completely from auto parts, handlebars, pipes, hubcaps to make the lights, cieling fan pole from the cieling, the walls, and doors. Another room had paintings of celebrities such as elvis. Elvis seemed to be a big influence at this resturaunt. It was colorfull, Cheerfull, Happy and Friendly.. Not a place to eat if you like Silence.

Id suggest everyone try this place at least once, if your looking to go out and have a nice Mexican Diner one night. I gurantee you wont be dissapointed. I'll be going back, if there was one on my side of town Im sure Id be there more often.

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