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Is it a Cin to Pack a Bon?

Mar 1, 2005
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Pros:Delicious, delicious and more delicious.

Cons:Too many too often will be harmful to your health.

The Bottom Line: It is hard to pass by a Cinnabon and not buy something. To me they are superbly delicious and I have encountered friendly staff.

I will not admit to indulging at Cinnabon too often but what can a girl do when she finds herself with a 4 hour unexpected weather related delay at the airport?

The fact that I am at an airport at least four times a year brings me to this review. Most recently my layover was in Cincinnati and well there it was.

Where are they?

Cinnabons are found for the most part in malls, for example in the food court, or as a store front with a counter as well as obviously airports. My last experience was so positive that I wanted to write about it. In general all my dealings with this company have been.

The crew:

It might be the sugar high the staff gets from breathing in a zillion calories of sugar a day. This particular night there was a line and only one woman working. We walked around and when we went back all her Pecanbons, the most outrageous pastry invented, were gone. In spite of the fact she had been working the shift all alone (She told me the other person did not come in. She shared that because I commented that she must be exhausted and she was.) she said she would make a fresh batch.

I was more than willing to wait the 20 minutes it took to make and bake them. I did not watch the entire process but I was there to see her take them out of the oven and turn this dough into amazing treats.

Shhh it is a secret!

From the website “Made from a unique secret recipe, Cinnabon World Famous Cinnamon Rolls™ are the freshest, most delicious cinnamon rolls you will ever eat. Once you have tasted one, you will realize that nothing else even comes close. In the quest for the world‘s finest cinnamon, our buyers traveled the spicegrowing regions of the globe to find the very best, most flavorful cinnamon. We finally discovered it high in the mountains of Indonesia. This special cinnamon is very carefully prepared, using our exclusive temperature controlled grinding process which preserves the precious volatile oils and enhances the warm, sweet cinnamon taste and aroma. The result is Legendary Makara™ Cinnamon, available only from Cinnabon. To create moist, light dough delicious enough to wrap around our rich brown sugar and cinnamon filling, we use top-quality ingredients, including farm-fresh eggs and pure vegetable margarine. Once out of the oven, the rolls are covered with our secret-recipe cream cheese frosting.....“

What you get:

When I first met Cinnabon they were making Classic cinnamon rolls with the cinnamon filling and cream cheese top. These are certainly delicious and the base of the Caramel Pecanbon.

However rather than stopping with the Makara Cinnamon filling and secret recipe cream cheese frosting, they then top the Classic with pecans and caramel. They are not chintzy with the pecans or caramel. There are lots of both. There are more than enough nuts and sugar to satisfy the most desperate sweet tooth.

What is nice is since they come out of the oven and are essentially put on display you can choose whichever “bon“ you want. They are made by humans so they are not necessarily exactly the same. You can choose the one with the most pecans if you want. I do!

Cinnabon now also sells Cinnabon Stix which are not as rich as the above. They are dusted with sugar and cinnamon and then can be dipped into their cream cheese frosting.

You can buy CinnaPacks when you want more than one or cannot share. You can buy a Minibon which is the Cinnamon Classic Roll but smaller.

Newer items are the Mochalatta and CarameLatta Chill. These drinks can be blended or on ice. The first is chocolate and coffee the second is caramel and coffee.

Not to be undone by others making these lattas Cinnabon makes them in a variety of flavors including strawberry and mango. I have thus far been able to stay away from these primarily because I do not drink coffee with caffeine.

Is the Price Right?

Well you get what you pay for. In this case you get the best.

A Pecanbon will run you $3.60. That sounds like a lot but they are huge. Though I will admit that I eat one all by myself sharing it with another person or 2 or 3 is probably the healthier route to go. Even at that price though when you think about what a latte costs or pastry in a nice bakery that is not so high.

A package of minibons will run you $12.99. The CinnaPacks come in various ways. You can buy, for example, a pack of 4 or 6 Classic Cinnabons for $9.99 and $12.99 respectively.

The lattas will cost you in the $3.00 range.

Parking and hours vary by location.

Do I recommend Cinnabon? I sure do. They have the best bons around.

Please feel free to leave me a question or comment.

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