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Beware: Macho Combo Burrito is HUGE!

Jan 12, 2003
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Pros:Food, Prices aren't bad

Cons:Service and Friendliness can be iffy, Cleanliness isn't great

The Bottom Line: In a hurry and want some Mexican/American food? Try Del Taco.

Del Taco is the place to go if you are in a hurry and need some quick Mexican/American type food. At work and you have a short lunch break? Head over to Del Taco. Looking for a quick, after-school snack? Again, be sure to hit your local Del Taco. And when I say Mexican/American food I’m saying you can order burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and other food like that (don’t expect any authentic Mexican-dishes here, people… after all, this is fast-food), yet you can also get the good old American hamburger and French fry as well. Overall, I think Del Taco is pretty good… But is it the best Mexican fast-food chain ever invented? I think not.

§ A Little Bit of History §

Del Taco was first established in the year of 1964 in Barstow, California by Ed Hackbarth and David Jameson. The concept behind making this fast-food chain was fairly simple and not very original, but hey… who cares? The concept was simply this—to create a fast-food chain with freshly prepared ingredients, made to order Mexican/American food, fast service, and value. After having such a great success with the Barstow location, Del Taco soon expanded with locations all over Southern California, and became a hot SoCal franchise. Despite going through a few management changes and competitions with other fast-food chains of the like, Del Taco has come to open almost 400 restaurants in America and is the second largest Mexican/American chain in the United States.

A Few Miscellaneous Facts…

And now it’s time for a few “Did You Know?” questions. Did you know that in a single year, Del Taco will go through:

¤ Over 180,000 freshly prepared tacos which is more than 15 miles of tacos.

¤ More than 40,000 meals consisting of tacos, burritos, or quesadillas, plus fries and a drink.

¤ Over 42,000 pounds of Crinkle Cut Fries.

¤ More than 4½ million pounds of pinto beans.

¤ Nearly 10,000 Macho Burritos™

§ The Food §

Whether you’re looking for a burrito stuffed with everything from steak to sour cream, or you’re just looking for a good ole’ cheeseburger, Del Taco has a lot to offer. When I normally go to Del Taco, I normally tend to get something Mexican… mainly because if I wanted a burger, I’d go to Burger King or somewhere else. Even though Del Taco does serve American food, its specialty is Mexican (or at least that’s what I think). Let’s take a closer look at some of the food items served at Del Taco

Mexican Food

When I’m looking for just a little, afternoon snack, I normally tend to get the Del Combo Burrito which includes: beans, seasoned ground beef, red sauce, cheddar cheese, and of course, the tortilla. Though the burrito may sound a little basic, I can tell you that it has lots of taste and will satisfy your hunger. And when it feels like I haven’t eaten anything in weeks, it’s then that I order the Macho Combo Burrito. Wow… talk about a lot of food! The Macho Combo Burrito is a grande burrito that weighs in over the one-pound mark and is filled with beans, seasoned ground beef, red sauce, green sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and the tortilla. People will small appetites should avoid the Macho Combo Burrito at all costs. What’s my opinion on this burrito? I think the taste is alright (it’s not the best I’ve ever had), but it is so hard to eat! Every time I have the Macho Combo Burrito, the filling always seems to pop out of the bottom end and goes everywhere. Oh well, I guess I’ll either have to live with it or act like an adult and use a fork.

Any vegetarian burritos? Yep, they do. If you’re a vegetarian, you’re best bet is to try the Veggie Works Burrito which comes with beans, rice, red sauce, cheddar cheese, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, tomatoes, and a tortilla. Or the vegetarians could just get the classic Bean and Cheese Burrito.

Del Taco offers a few tacos, though there aren’t as many choices of tacos as there are burritos. You can get your typical taco or soft taco which comes with the basic trimmings (beef, lettuce, cheese, and beef) or you can get the more sophisticated tacos, such as the Ultimate Taco (basic trimmings along with chunky taco sauce, sour cream, and tomatoes) and the Big Fat Steak or Chicken Taco (which includes the “basics” and secret sauce, tomatoes, and big/wide/fat taco bread).

Some other Mexican items that Del Taco offers are: Deluxe Taco Salad (basically a huge taco on top of lettuce), Nachos, Macho Nachos (with all toppings imaginable), and Quesadillas (with cheese, steak, chicken… whatever you want!). Del Taco does have a few breakfast items… 3 different types of breakfast burritos and a breakfast quesadilla.

And from what I’ve seen, I don’t think Del Taco offers and kid’s items (but I’m not positive)! *gasps*

American Food

The American food offered at Del Taco is fairly limited… There are only three different burgers to choose from and three types of fry. The Crinkle Cut Fries are very good… hot, crinkly, and have just the right amount of salt. You can also get Chili Cheddar Fries or the mother of them all, the Deluxe Chili Cheddar Fries which is a large dish of cheddar cheese, red chili topping, sour cream, tomatoes, and onions, topped on those delicious Crinkle Cut Fries. Yum…

I’ve only had one of the burgers once, and I think that will be the only time. It was long time ago, but I’m pretty sure that I thought the burgers weren’t all that great, or at least they didn’t compare to some other fast food chains. Del Taco offers the normal cheeseburger, a Double Del Cheeseburger (a typical cheeseburger with everything x2, meaning you get two patties, two tomato slices, etc.), or you can order the Bacon Double Del Cheeseburger which is the same as the Double Del Cheeseburger except you get 2 pieces of bacon.

Del Taco has nine different combo meals to choose from, each including taco, burrito, quesadilla or maybe two of them, and you may also receive fries and you definitely get a medium soft drink. For example, #1 comes with Combo Burrito, fries, and medium drink, and #5 includes an Ultimate Taco, Chicken Cheddar Quesadilla, and a medium drink (no fries).

No alcoholic beverages served at Del Taco… Instead, you can order Coke, Cherry Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, or Mr. Pibb. All sodas are available in small, regular, large, and Macho 44oz. sizes. Coffee, milk (1%), and orange juice are also available.

No real desserts are offered at Del Taco, the closest thing to dessert here would be the shakes offered. Del Taco offers vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry shakes which I’m sure will satisfy your sweet tooth. Also, for a limited time, Del Taco was offering this awesome caramel shake which was absolutely the best thing ever created.

§ Prices §

Prices at Del Taco are pretty average, but they are a step better when compared to places like McDonald’s. Expect a burrito to cost somewhere around $2-$3. Shakes are around $2 including tax. What I’m getting at is that the normal-sized food item is probably going to cost you around $3, which is not bad when you look at places like McDonald’s which give you very little when you pay a lot of money. Sure, if you want to get something with the word Macho beside it, expect that meal to cost around $5. Combo meals can cost anywhere from $3-$5. Overall, the prices aren’t too bad…

§ Service and Friendliness §

Service and friendliness…umm… I’d give Del Taco a 6½ out of 10 stars. They aren’t the friendliest people I’ve ever seen… They normally tend to stay neutral and “get to business.” Service isn’t bad… only on rare occasions have we had an order mixed up, but it has happened. When driving through Del Taco, check your food when you get it and make you sure you have everything you ordered before you drive away. And if you do get a mixed up order, just take it inside, show them your receipt, and they’ll give you the right food. Normally Del Taco is pretty fast at getting your order prepared and ready, but then again, it really all depends on location, location, location… Overall, 6½ out of 10 stars.

Kid friendly? Yeah, it is. But toys and little gadgets other chains offer aren’t available here (or from what I’ve seen). But the restaurant itself is kid friendly.

§ Cleanliness §

Cleanliness inside the restaurant is exceptional, but it’s not immaculate. Don’t look shocked if you see straw wrapper on the ground or a few crumbs of only God knows what on the tables. Bathrooms… I really can’t say much about the bathrooms since I’ve never used then, but my guess is that they probably aren’t too clean. The bathrooms are located on the outside of the restaurant, and most of the outside bathrooms I’ve ever been in were pretty gross. So in all honesty, I’ll give Del Taco a 6 for cleanliness.

§ Decor §

The ambience in Del Taco is a Southwestern, but uses a bit more eccentric colors—more of soft colors (which normally tend to be bright) than the traditional Southwestern colors. A lot of soft oranges, reds, and greens are within the restaurants. The restaurant consists of several booths which will fit about 4 people per booth. There might be a plant or two in the restaurant, but don’t expect a nursery. The ambience inside Del Taco is a step up from McDonald’s, but it’s not breath-taking or anything ground-breaking. Soft-Southwestern is how I would describe the ambience in Del Taco.

§ Locations §

So is there a Del Taco located by me? Nearly 400 Del Taco’s are located within 12 states, so it really depends on where you live. Del Taco’s seem to be more popular on the West Coast, so that’s where you’ll find the majority of them. I’ve found this really cool website, where you can type in your city, state, and zip code, and it will tell you if there is a Del Taco located in your city. Just go to the following website:

§ Final Thoughts §

Overall, Del Taco deserves 4 stars. The food is good, the décor is just fine, prices aren’t bad, service and friendliness can be iffy, cleanliness isn't the best, and there are nearly 400 locations. So overall, yes, I would recommend Del Taco for people that are in a hurry or for those who are looking for a quick, afternoon snack. It may not be the best Mexican food chain in America (that title goes to Baja Fresh), but it’s still pretty darn good. So next time you pass by your local Del Taco, be sure to give it a try.

Thanks for reading.

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