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Domino's Pizza Here in Hong Kong

Sep 3, 2001 (Updated Jul 8, 2002)
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Pros:Not bad

Cons:Not great

The Bottom Line: Domino's Pizza here in Hong Kong. Yes, it exists here.

I have loved pizza for all my life and I admit to being a pizza addict. I have tried many different pizzas over the years and I have to say that some of these have been great and some of these have not been too good.

Domino's Pizza is no exception to the following statement. I know that Domino's Pizza is popular in the U.S. and is well-liked by many people, but here in Hong Kong, there are thoughts that oppose that.

Although my thoughts do not completely disagree with these opinions, there are quite a few problems with pizzas in Hong Kong. But, first, let me talk about the general structure of a pizza from a Domino's branch here in Hong Kong.

First, the crust. There are 3 different crusts to choose from: Crunchy Thin Crust, Classic Hand Tossed Crust and Super Giant Crust. Now let me analyze each of these crusts.

Crunchy Thin Crust - This is as thin and as crunchy as a potato chip! I have to say that the crust is barely a millimeter, but this is what makes this crust really crunchy. I like this crust, and the cheese, toppings and sauce mix well together in this crust.

Classic Hand Tossed Crust - I don't know where the name came from (I doubt the crusts are hand tossed), but this is quite thick, and in my opinion, is only satisfactory compared to the Crunchy Thin Crust. This crust removes the flavor of the toppings and it sometimes feels as if you are eating bread with tomato sauce on it. But wait until what you hear for the next one....

Super Giant Crust - Yes, I think you guessed it. The Super Giant Crust removes all the flavor of the pizza and it tastes as if you are eating a piece of triangular thick, soft bread. Well I guess if you like this, this is for you. For's pretty bad!

Anyway, now that I have talked about the crusts, now onto the sauces to choose from (Tomato Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Thousand Island Sauce).

The Tomato Sauce is satisfactory at best, since it seems like all the "pizza cook" has done is pour a whole bottle of tomato puree on the pizza, and as a result, the pizza sauce comes out more than the toppings and cheese does.

BBQ Sauce, in my opinion, just does not work with pizza. The thought of BBQ sauce with toppings such as green pepper, onion and mushroom is awful and does not go with pizza at all. BBQ sauce should only be used on chunks of meat.

The Thousand Island Sauce is satisfactory, and since this sauce comes out more than the toppings, which also does not work too well (I want the cheese to come out!).

Now, the part you've all been waiting for. The list of pizzas a Domino's Pizza branch in Hong Kong sells.

Here they are:
All Star Vegi
Super Deluxe
Mexican Deluxe
Spicy Deluxe
Chicken Deluxe
Tropical Special
Domino's Special
Hawaii Island
Half & Half
Super Giant Cheese

I admit I haven't tried all of these, but I have tried a majority of them, and here are a list of some I liked and some I disliked:

Super Deluxe - I love this pizza, because of its wide array of toppings, ranging from green pepper to pepperoni to ham and to mushrooms and pineapples. The diverse range of toppings mix well with the cheese, sauce and crust and makes this pizza one of the best one's here.

Seafood - Since I am not a seafood fan, pizza and seafood only increased my loathing of seafood. The mixture of shrimp, crab sticks and salmon just do not go well with mozarella cheese. Sorry, but that's just my opinion and I guess if you are a seafood fan, you can try it.

Half & Half - This is a great idea, and one that should be used more frequently. You have a choice of 2 pizzas and basically half of the pizza is one of your choices, while the other half is your other choice. This is really all down to what you want.

Hawaii Island - I've always liked pizzas that have the word "Hawaii" in it. The mixture of ham, pineapple and cheese always compliment each other and the contrast of mildly salty to very sweet shines right through in this pizza.

Domino's Special - Ummmm.....bland, maybe? This is basically pepperoni and onion put on some extra cheese. I initially liked it, but then I got bored of it and started to dislike it. Too simple a pizza, in my opinion.

Well, these are my choices of pizzas to go for and which ones to avoid.

Along with the pizzas are side orders. Some examples include New York Wings, Spaghetti Bolognaise and Garlic Twisty Bread. I would avoid all these, since these are extremely mundane in flavor and can be made to better quality at home, although the Garlic Twisty Bread is good with the garlic flavor shining through the bread.

Drinks are also available, but these are expensive (HK$25, about US$3, per bottled soft drink and HK$11, about US$1.50, per soft drink in a can), which leads to my next point. Domino's Pizza is generally pretty expensive, with "regular" pizzas costing between HK$70 (US$8.50) - HK$106(US$13) while "large" pizzas are about HK$95 (US$12) - HK$143 (US$18). Considering the portions are not too big, these are quite expensive!

The service is also not too great either. The phone call is usually okay. The person on the other end always repeats the order and asks for a phone number. However, pizzas do not always come on time, and are late. However, the delivery guy usually removes 10% of the original price of purchased food and I guess that's fine.

There are also many specials, which are pretty good offers. For example, purchasing 2 large pizzas only costs HK$218 (US$27), while 3 of these cost HK$288 (US$36), a great deal considering the pizzas are expensive. There are also various set meals, but I rarely get them, since I do not want to waste money on side orders and drinks.

Well, what are my final thoughts of Domino's Pizza? I guess it's okay and I guess it's bearable. So, I suppose I can recommend this to a friend staying at home. I hope this was helpful and I hope you enjoyed it.

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