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Godfather's Pizza - - The best all-you-can-eat Restaurant

Jul 15, 2001 (Updated Jul 8, 2004)
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Pros:buffets, dessert pizzas, not too expensive

Cons:a little greasy at times

The Bottom Line: Great pizza at an affordable cost, and a buffet that makes your mouth water just to look at it.

I can remember back to high school where every once in a while we were granted a half-day. This meant that we would be out of school before lunch even started, and we would be able to go out to a restaurant for lunch. The break from eating school food was a welcome sight, and we often looked forward to going to Godfather's Pizza. The reason for this, was that they served an all-you-can-eat Pizza buffet at lunch time that only cost $2.99. For someone in high school, this was cheap enough to want to pay for it, and it also meant that our parents were fine with it as well.

Godfather's Pizza is another one of the 5 million pizza chains that are out there. The difference though, is that Godfather's prepares their pizza completely different from any of the other chains. They prepare it with a golden brown crust, and they pride themselves on piling the toppings as high as they can when they prepare them. The sizes of the pizza are: personal pan, small, medium, large, and jumbo. Of course the price increases as the size gets bigger, and the jumbo can be had for around $13.99. At the stores, they call the pizza "pies", because they have to cover the toppings with enough mozzarella cheese to hold in all of the over-flowing toppings.

The biggest bonus about the preparation of the pizza, is the crust itself. Instead of having a crust edge that rises a little bit higher than the pizza itself, Godfather's prepares theirs in a fashion that appears like a wall. The wall helps the customer hold on to the slice, and also keeps the pizza more compact instead of flowing everywhere. What this tends to do, is make the pizza look even more appetizing to the eye. This is one of the rare restaurants where the picture of the pizza actually looks like the product that they serve up to you. The pizza is served with pretty thick crust, and if you are not an avid crust eater, then you will want to request a thin crust. I however, love to eat the crust, and I always end up getting some extra pizza sauce to dip it into.

As I stated earlier, Godfather's serves a pizza buffet. This is served twice a day, between the hours of 11am and 2pm, and 5pm to 8pm. The lunch special runs at $2.99 if you have a coupon (they are in all the periodicals around here for that reason), and the dinner costs $4.19. With this you get all the pizza, breadsticks, jo-jo's, and dessert pizza that you can eat. They serve many pizzas at a time in the buffet line, so you have many to choose from. Normally they will include several selections from the meat group (Sausage and Pepperoni), along with some vegetarian selections, and also a taco pizza that they like to advertise. They will also put out 2 or 3 of the dessert pizzas that they are famous for. They have cherry, lemon, and cinnamon strudel to choose from in this department. I am extremely fond of the cinnamon one, and often I do not even wait for dessert to have a go at it.

The workers put out more pizzas depending on the given demand. If there are a lot of people, then the pizzas pretty much flow like water. If there are however only a few, then they put out the pizzas at a much slower rate. What this does is allow everyone to eat slowly, and enjoy their meal rather than rushing to eat while its hot. With the buffet, you have the option of selecting the salad bar for an additional 99 cents as well. They have all the basic salad ingredients, and you are allowed as many trips back as you want with that too. The drinks are free-refills and are sold for 99 cents as well. They serve them in this nice little red glasses that keep the drinks very nice and cold.

This is indeed a family restaurant where you can bring a large family and have a lot of the buffets. But, they also offer what is called the family FUN pack. What this includes, is a medium pie loaded with fun mini-size pepperonis, add your favorite specialty pie and topped off with a BIG cookie smothered with M&M's Mini Baking Bits. This can be filling for a family of 4 if you are so inclined. Godfather's will also cater to a party or get-together if you specify what you need and when you will need it. This includes having the get together in the restaurant itself. Usually each Godfather's has several video games that you can play to pass the time, and the ones in our area have juke-boxes to play the latest hit music.

I would have to highly recommend Godfather's Pizza, simply because they are different than the rest of the pizza chains. They even offer coupons online at www.godfathers.com. There you can find specials on the buffets, and your favorite type of pizza. Godfather's has always delivered with a nice speed, and every pizza that I have ordered from them has come well-prepared and tasted very nice. For delivery, they even have these nice 32 ounce plastic cups that they deliver their pop in. If you are in the market for something original in the pizza department, then I urge you to give Godfather's Pizza your business.

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